What is a hanger nipple?

A hanger nipple can also be called as hanger bump basically occurs due to the shape of hangers in two conditions: 1. If the hanger is wider than the shirt’s shoulder size,

2. if the width of the hanger is smaller than the size of the shirt.

Both of these situations are normal nowadays as every person who uses hangers has to face this issue.

Many techniques have been introduced to avoid these hanger nipples but the most effective and efficient way is the use of hangers that match the size of the clothes.

In this way the clothes remain in their proper shape without having any type of hanger nipples on it.


Solution of the hanger nipples

The first solution to this problem is using those hangers which are fit for your shirt.

Fit means that they have the same size as that of the clothes.

Secondly do not hang heavy weight sweaters on the hangers.

It is so because heavy sweaters lose their shape due to heavy hanging weight and hanger nipples are also a must to appear.

So, the heavy weighted clothes are best when they are kept folded and placed into a drawer.

Whereas the shirts do not have that much weight.

So, they should be hung in the same sized hanger.


Types of hangers that do not produce hanger nipples

Hanger nipples are mostly produced due to the upward position of the corners of the hangers.

The corners after staying for about only 1 hour leave their impressions on the shirt.

There are different types of hangers which do not produce hanger nipples.

 Some of them are mentioned here

  1. Swivel hangers
  2. Round curved metal hangers
  3. Cedar hangers
  4. Tubular hangers
  5. Dry/wet hangers

Swivel hangers are the best of them all because they do not produce hanger nipples at any cause

The best way to avoid these hanger nipples

There are many ways of avoiding hanger nipples which may also include the folding of clothes but mostly are without the use of hanger.

While using a hanger the most efficient way is the use of double hanger.

But still double hangers are also required to be of the size of the clothes.

Double hangers are made of plastic and have the corners turned towards the ground which makes it almost impossible to create a hanger nipple