While going to stores for shopping, or to hotels for a brief stay, you must have seen some big numbers either engraved on the hanger itself or written on a piece of plastic.

It might be intriguing for you sometimes as the numbers may not make any direct sense.

Ever wondered what those are? There are various possibilities but the two most popular reasons for placing numbers are the following:

Tags for sizing

It might seem very obvious at first, but some people get confused when they see numbers written on the hangers of clothing like shirts and coats.

If it’s in a store that sells garments including shirts, coats and Tuxedos, the chances are high that those numbers denote the sizes for garments.

For the ease of the customer while choosing an outfit, the sellers like to have the size numbers placed in the middle of the hangers.

That’s how the customer usually knows what they are buying, and if it is the right fit for them.


Check Tags

In hotels, a lot of people like to have their clothes especially coats cleaned from the hotel’s laundry.

So, they use the circular or square check tags, either of plastic (so they are reusable) or paper, to help them identify the clothes and avoid any confusion.

The check tags, that most of the hotels use, are numbered from either 1-500 or 501-999.

They come in various colors and shapes and help match the garment/ coats to the relevant person.

The main feature of the tags is a large number written in bold.

It helps recognize and identify the number for anyone without a hitch.

There is usually a hole at the upper end that fits in the hanger and can be removed when needed.

Sometimes, perforations are also present.


Material and Pricing

The material used for making the tags varies.

It depends on the utilization i.e. whether the intention of utilization is temporary or permanent and the affordability of the owner.

You’ll see both disposable and non-disposable in the market.

The disposable tags are usually made of paper so they can be thrown away after use.

The non-disposable maybe made of plastic or brass.

Plastic or brass tags ensure durability.

The disposable ones are usually cheap.

You can easily find them online at a price of $13/ 500 tags.

The rates for non-disposable tags vary.

The brass tags can be bought at a price of $8/ 25 tags.