Placing your clothes on a hanger when packing is not what most people think about doing. But it is one of those unconventional methods of packing that will have you smiling once you get to your destination.

It saves time and makes unpacking your clothes very stress-free.

It also helps where the drawers have a tight space and it prevents you from looking for hangers when you arrive at your destination.

Whether you are using a suitcase or a clothes bag, ensure that you use the fasteners to prevent wrinkling and to secure your clothes.

Then, use the zippers and the snap buttons to hold the clothes in place.

It is important to select the right hanger when using clothes hangers in your luggage

Select a hanger that has a slim design to allow for maximum space and use hangers with nonslip designs for dresses, tank tops, pants, skirts or jackets. The wooden hanger or the velvet one is good for packing clothes on a hanger in a piece of luggage.

So, how do you use clothes hangers in your luggage?

How to Pack Clothes in a Suitcase Using a Clothes Hanger?

Put the Clothes on the Hanger

Do this and ensure that the clothes are secure and that they will not slip out of place.


Place the Clothes and the Hanger on a Flat Surface

Placing the piece of clothing on a flat surface will make it easier to manage. This flat surface could be a bed or table.


Lay the Clothes on a Flat Surface

Next, make sure that the front of the clothing is facing downward, with the hook side of the hanger at the edge of the flat surface.


Fold the Clothes

Gently fold back the clothes. If it’s a shirt, then fold the arms in and the shirttail edges upwards. Make sure that the clothes are as straight up as possible to avoid wrinkles.


Protect the Clothes from Wrinkles

Then, keep clothes wrinkle-free. You can do this by placing each clothes in a dry-cleaning plastic bag before laying and folding. This reduces friction between them and thus prevents wrinkles.


Pack the Clothes

You can now go ahead and pack your folded clothes into your luggage. Avoid overpacking and close the luggage properly.

How to Pack in a Clothes Bag with Clothes Hanger?

Now, the above method is more appropriate when you are using a suitcase. If you are using a clothes bag for instance, then here’s how to pack using a clothes hanger.

Choose the Right Clothes Bag

The right size and shape and one that is robust and has a clamp inside to secure the hangers and clothes.


Open the Bag on a Flat Surface

The bed or table will do, then hang several clothing items on each hanger.


Pack the Clothes

Do this with the clothes facing the back of the bag as this helps keep the front part of the clothes smooth and wrinkle-free.


Secure the Clothes

Attach the clothes to the suiter clip and use the clamps to hold the clothes and prevent them from shifting and wrinkling during movement.