Hangers play an important and essential role in maintaining cleanliness in our houses. Earlier when hangers were not established people used to keep clothes where ever they liked such as if they changed their clothes in the living room, the clothes were left over there.

So, this created a mess in the living room or any other room and gave a very bad look to the room.

Why were large hangers invented?

There are many advantages of the hanger whereas there are some disadvantages too which have also led people to once again not use the hangers. It is the appearance of hanger nipples that appear on the shoulder side.

They appear because larger men wear larger clothes but hangers were earlier produced for the ideal sized people. This created a lot of chaos for the people of larger sizes or heights.

So, to overcome this difficulty large hangers were made.

The normal size of the hangers was 22inches but later as we know that the competition in the bodybuilding arena has also been lifted to next level.

On the other hand, due to increase in the knowledge about the body muscles and diet, fitness has become an essential part of every youngster’s life.

This also had a major effect on the minds of the hanger producers worldwide. Hence there was an urgent need for the world to overcome this difficulty that was solved by the production of large sized hangers.

Making of large sized hangers

Following materials are required: a copper pipe, and a hanger made of metal such as steel.

The copper pipe will be found at a hardware shop easily whereas you can buy a hanger from a cloth selling shop too.

Some tools will also be required so as to cut and fix to make a proper shape of the hanger. These are a drill machine, a cutter for wire and pipe, a tape measure and a file.

Now for the making of a large hanger follow the steps provided below:

  1. First of all, hold the copper pipe and make the upper shape of the pipe by measuring the required size with help of measuring tape.
  2. Now for making the remaining part measure the wire with help of measuring tape so that we could get the exact measurement.
  3. Now drill both corners of the upper part of the hangers and attach the wire at the lower part by fixing it in the holes present at the corner. Your large hanger is ready to be used.