Here comes the rainy season! Afraid where to dry your clothes? Need not to worry.

I will be sharing with you various ideas that can be implemented to dry your clothes indoors regardless of the season.


Question mark Hooks

Question marks hooks are small-sized hooks that easily available to offline hardware shops and even available online on Estores like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc.

These hooks can be studded into a wall keeping in mind the longitudinal axis and at a certain height that can be easily reached by an average height person.

Strings on each hook should be tied and clothes can be hung on the inside.

These can be applied in your gallery or even rooms.

Proper ventilation should be there in rooms.

Windows should be opened or dehumidifiers can be used, as moisture and humidity will be created from clothes and fungal growth may be observed if there is too much humidity.


Washing machines

As technology is getting upgraded each day, new inventions are also taking up the markets with a storm.

Among them, washing machines are one such invention.

Now day’s washing machines are coming with high-speed motors that spin the clothes at very high rpm.

With the help of centrifugal force, the water is displaced out of clothes and become dry.

Even though they are costly and may make your purse strings tight, they should be considered as they are a one-time investment and can dry your attires instantaneously.


Using Fans

This is one of the best, rudimentary methods that can be employed to dry your clothes.

Clothes can be spread on a clean and tidy floor and the fan should be on at full speed overnight or day.

The clothes become dry almost within 12-24 hours of duration.

Living areas or bedrooms can be used for it.



Metal or wooden racks can be used to dry clothes inside which can be placed at a convenient position inside the house near the window.

These frames come of various sizes and materials.

Wet clothes can be hung on them easily.

They can be placed below a fan to achieve faster drying.

Placing them in a gallery would be better if the clothes are considerably wet as the trickling of water can create a mess in rooms, better to use a gallery for the same.