The escalating population not only wants to look neat and tidy but also wants to avoid a fashion disaster that may happen in society.

If you use hangers for too long they may leave unwanted imprints on your apparels that may last a lifetime if not removed.

It mostly happens to clothes that are usually heavy and remain on a hanger as it is for too long, which leaves them with avoidable hanger bumps.

There are numerous ways by which we can get rid of hanger bumps from our clothes, these are as follows.

Using water

Water can be used in various ways to eliminate the bumps caused by the hanger.

Budged shoulders can be fixed using water by strenuously rubbing them with wet fingers.

This will not only remove the marks but will also put the sweaters back to shape, it’s quite helpful.

Another way can be, water should be sprayed on the sweater bumps and then should be worn.

Due to the heat of the body and the moisture in a sweater, the wool will try to adapt its original position.

But this is not very much fruitful.

Additionally, clothes steamer can be used easily.

Not only it gives rise to steam but also helps with ironing.

This will lessen the hanger bump, avoid the wrinkles and maintain the integrity of the fabric.


Proper folding

To avoid shoulders of sweaters from hideous hanger bumps they need to be folded instead of hanging.

Hanging your sweaters in your almirah for a long duration of time will dismantle its shape.

Try to fold your sweater in such a way that the weight of the sweater is distributed evenly on the hanger.

This will prevent hanger bumps if the sweater is folded in a crisis cross manner on a hanger.

Other garments may also be susceptible to hanger bumps.


Different Hangers

Hangers come in various shapes and are made up of various materials.

Glistening hangers can be used instead of normal hangers if hanging the sweater is inevitable.

The durability of the garment is maintained as they leave no hanger bumps, nor do they stretch the shoulders.

Clip hangers can be used to avoid hanger bumps from forming.

The clothing needs to be turned inside out and attached to the hanger with clips.

Make sure to turn right side out before wearing your attire.