While hanging our clothes, we normally use hangers as it is convenient and easy to use.

But sometimes our garments end up with hanger marks which do not look good.

It looks bad and hideous.

It often happens with the heavy cloths, like jumper, coats, etc.

if those are kept on this hanger.

So, to avoid the unwanted marks just follow these methods.


Hanging clothes save the space

Folding the dry clothes is the best option to store them and avoid hanger marks.

But sometimes we do not have enough space in our shelves to do that.

So, hanging seems easier and convenient.

If the cloths, especially stretchable ones are kept on the hanger for a long time, then the bumps or marks start to build.

If possible, fold the clothes in half and then place them on the lower part of the hanger.

This will save the cloths from any kind of uncomfortable marks.

Ironing is another option to remove the bumps.

But sometimes it is not good to iron very delicate clothes.

One easy way is to, fill a spray bottle with clean water and spray it on the cloths.

Then, take a blow dryer and use it on high heat on the damp area.

Also, with your fingers try to flatten the bump or mark.

It is a good technique for removing bumps from sweaters.

Instead of water you can also use ice cubes.

If the marks are too stubborn, wash the clothes by hands or put it into the washing machine.

Do not use hanger while hanging the clothes outside to dry.

Use clips while drying out the wet clothes or you can lay them on a flat surface as well.

The drying racks are also helpful for this purpose.

You can easily place them on the rods to dry properly.


Handheld steamer

The handheld steamer for cloths is available in the market.

If a steamer is not available, then you can place the cloth inside the bathroom while you take a hot shower.

The steam will help to reduce the bump.

It is also good for decreasing the marks.

Instead of thin objects like using a plastic or wired hanger, use satin hanger or padded hanger.

These are very good for avoiding any hanger mark.

At home, you can make a padded hanger all by yourself as well.

Remember, the hanger must be thick for the heavy cloths.