Running short of hangers and need to hang all the clothes? Or the closet is small enough to accommodate all of them? For all such tricky situations, we have got a solution.

Well, you will only come across such a solution when you have too many clothes.

Usually, people start investing in adding up rods to the closet.

Good enough, but not an inexpensive option.

The solutions that we have to allow you to hang multiple clothes on the hangers.

In a way, they could save you a lot of money that you decided to spend on the additional rods.

Well, let’s move ahead and start exploring all that we have:

Hanging Multiple Clothes on a Hanger

Well, you cannot really hang multiple clothes on a single hanger.

Though not impossible, it won’t guarantee that your clothes would remain fine.

You may certainly tear them off while doing so.

And if the clothes are heavy, like winter clothes, they may break the hanger.

In very few cases, you may be able to successfully hang multiple clothes on a single hanger.

Like hanging a couple of capris inside the hanger and a single top outside.

This way you may be able to organize some capris.

But if you simply double up the hangers, it will really do the trick.


Doubling Up the Hangers

This trick can be used for lighter clothes or the summer wardrobe.

All you need to do is to hook the hangers together using a peg or tabs.

You can get the tabs off from the beverage cans.

Insert the tab onto the hook of the first hanger and insert the hook of the second one into the second loop of the tab.

Here you get the hangers doubled up.

Nothing so difficult, but make sure you do not hang wintery or heavy clothes.

Because it may break the tab as well as damage the hangers.


Curtain Rings for Scarves and Ties

Have you got spare curtain rings with an opener at one end? Then you may use this trick.

Well, it comes handy if you have got plenty of ties, scarves or other apparels that you need to hang.

Insert the curtain rings into the hanger, a half a dozen would do.

Hang the scarves and ties to the rings.

One single hanger could accommodate more than a single piece.

But do not try to hang another hanger to the ring carrying a coat or a jacket.

As it could break the hanger and the rings.