Why do we need a hanger?

Using a clothes hanger can keep our clothes wrinkle-free, perfectly aligned and well organized, which makes it easy for us to access. Choosing a hanger plays a huge role because it should of good quality and affordable at the same time.

For a consignment, a cloth needs to be perfectly aligned without any wrinkles to make it look appealing for the customers.


Steps to hang pants on a clothes hanger for consignment


Pin at the right spot

Use pins on both sides of the pants to hang the pants in a stable manner. Pin it along with the hanger anywhere along the waistband on both sides to avoid leaving marks due to the weight of the pants. This is easily one of the best ways to attach a pant with the hanger.


Use a zip tie or a small rope

To create better stability along the waist area and to make the pant look more approachable, use a small belt, or zip tie or any kind of small ropes to make the pant stay in a straight position. Tie the small rope along the beltline around the waist area.


Use safety pins on the right area

Two safety pins can be pinned to the front side of the pants somewhere around its pocket area to avoid visibility of the pin marks. Attaching pin and leaving a visible mark will create a bad impression among customers.


Remember to attach the tags safely

Tags are the main attachment to sell a product. Without a tag, a product will lose a customer’s trust. So, make sure whether the tags are attached to the pants safely.


Using the right hanger

Make sure you use the correct hanger which suits the theme and weight of the hanger. We cannot use a cheap wire hanger to hang clothes that weight more.

If you are using a wire hanger, make sure to bend both corners to save the pants from slipping away.


Make use of the belt loops

The belt loops are there to make sure your pants steady. Make use of it by attaching a rope along with the loops and attach it with the hanger to make the pants safely attached.

Follow all the above steps carefully to pack your pants and hang it securely in a hanger for consignment.