Picking the right hanger means keeping your clothes safe.

Safe in a way, that they do not get color spots from the hangers.

Even the properly balanced design keeps the clothes wrinkle-free.

Additionally, there are also chances of clothes getting torn if the hanger breaks.

That is more likely when you hang something heavier than what the hanger could bear.

And when it breaks, its edges might swirl into the clothes, tearing them.

Well, mostly the wire hangers and the cheap plastic hangers cause such issues.

Obviously you would have got the wire hangers for free from the dry cleaner or the laundry.

And the plastic hangers, from any giveaway store.

When purchasing a hanger, a few details need attention specifically.

Such as what you need to hang, weight, and size.

If you properly access these three perimeters and buy a hanger accordingly.

Then your closet would never be a trouble for you.

It is not necessary that only the coat and jacket hangers would be heavy only.

Instead, there are many other heavy clothes that you need to hang.

Such as the shawls made for severe winter or even a winter suit that you specially bought for a Christmas event.


Heaviest clothes hanger

Of course, the coat hangers are the heaviest ones.

But they are not exactly perfect for every dress.

Certainly, on a coat hanger, you cannot really hang the skirts or a sweater.

It is surely because of its shape.

But if you simply try getting the heavy-duty hangers, they may do the job for you.

Such examples could include heavy-duty plastic hangers.

They are specifically made for universal usage.

Means you hang any dress on it.

Alongside, they are designed to last as long as possible.

Though they are expensive than regular hangers.

But their quality suffices their price.

wooden hangers

Another heavy-duty selection in hangers are the wooden hangers.

They also include different types, such as the coat style and the suit style.

Even the universal type is also available in the wooden hangers.

When it comes to the price, the wooden hangers are usually expensive than the plastic ones.

And they are more as a style.

Additionally, there is an option for the custom hangers as well.

There are plenty of custom hanger producers who create heavy-duty hangers using either wood or plastic.

Ahead of that, they are the most expensive among all.