Using hangers to hang our clothes is an age-old tradition, which we use to save our clothes from getting damaged. Hangers are used in so many ways and there are numerous types of hangers available in the market today.

Why we use hangers?

Clothing hangers are used to keep our clothes wrinkle-free, dry and it also helps us to save more space in our wardrobes.

We can also use hangers to easily organize our clothes while traveling.

Different types of hangers and how it affects our clothing

Types of Hangers range from plastic to metal or even wood.

Plastic hangers

Plastic hangers are very affordable and the production costs will also be very low. But production and recycling will cause harm to the environment. Moreover, a plastic hanger can easily break while traveling or even a moderate level of pressure over it.


Metal hangers

A metal hanger will cost us more than the other types but the durability makes it trustworthy. The weight makes it longlasting and gives us a premium feel

But a metal hanger’s weight makes it impossible to takes it while traveling.


Wooden hangers 

Wooden hangers are the most premium ones. With quality comes the price point as they are the costliest ones in the market. Its weight ranges from low to moderate with the best quality which makes it the best choice to make while choosing a hanger.


How can hanger affect our clothes?

Some hangers are not strong enough to withstand heavier clothes and will affect the shape of the cloth after some time. The neck and shoulder area of your dress will expand due to gravity.

Using clip hangers will leave marks in the waist area of your pants which can make your pants look bad if regularly done.

If organized perfectly, hangers can help you to keep your clothes safer than ever one should divide all their clothes and hang them in their appropriate hangers for better use.

Hangers come handy while using a steamer. We can easily hang our dresses and steam them without having to worry about the surface.

There are correct and incorrect ways to hang a dress in a hanger. If hanged incorrectly, the cloth can easily get damaged. We have to understand how it works and hang our clothes in a perfect manner.

There are many low-quality hangers in the market which is basically useless. People get fooled by their cheap price tags and buy it without analyzing the quality. A low-quality hanger can break at any time that may damage our clothes in a bad time.


What we should do?

Analyze which one suits our lifestyle better. There are numerous options available in the market to choose based on our needs. It all depends on how often we travel or how much it weights.

Hangers help us to organize and personalize our clothes in a way we love. Choosing the right one with some time can save our dresses from getting spoiled and can even save money in times.