Clothes hangers come in various shapes and sizes.

They can be long and slim, or short and heavy. The dimensions are important when it comes to choosing the best hangers for your closet.

The depth of clothes hangers plays a vital role when it comes to adjusting clothes.

Average Depth

On average, a regular-sized clothes hanger is about 5-7 inches deep.

This measurement is necessary to know if it’s going to fulfill your requirements and do the proper job it is bought for.

Besides depth, the material of the clothes hanger comes into play when you look at the durability and reliability.

Problem with deeper clothes hangers

The most common complexity that may arise with deeper clothes hangers is making your clothes fit in the closet properly.

For example, if you buy a clothes hanger that has a depth of 8 or more inches, but your closet is not roomy enough, you’ll find it difficult fitting the clothes.

They will get folded enough for you to iron them again before being able to wear them.

Do deeper hangers mean more expensive hangers?

It depends where you are buying them and what material they are made up of. It also depends on the type of hangers you are using.

If they are the poor-quality wire hangers, no matter how deep they are, they will always be cheaper than the more stylish wooden ones.

Solving the problem with deeper hangers

Say you have a large set of hangers that you don’t want to replace because they are available in limited stock. But your hangers don’t perform their original duty, and now you are in a fix how this problem should be resolved. Here are some of the solutions that you should consider:

  • Adjust your hanging rods higher than normal. Not only will this resolve the hanging problem but also will give you a roomier closet so you can put more things inside it.
  • Hanging accessories like scarves, belts, socks and other related stuff with the deeper hangers is also a good option. For making it more effective, you can utilize shower curtain rings so you get the maximum output from each hanger.
  • Remodeling your closet so it’s lengthier than the original one. This can be done by removing the separation between the hanging portion and the portion dedicated for shoes so you have the whole portion for just hanging clothes.