One surprising and pretty interesting trend that has taken over the home deco scene is closet organising.

Having an orderly and sensible arrangement, setup and design in the closet is definitely something trendy these days.

Gone are the days of just random stuffing and reckless storage.

As trivial as this may sound, having an orderly closet is actually pretty convenient.

The perfect organisational structure can make any dressing session a breeze and save on time plus of course save you the costume-hunt frustration.

A key aspect of this whole craze is the clothes hanger.

These simple closet accessories can bring quite impressive sanity to an otherwise messy nightmare.

Let’s just quickly discuss the proper placement of the hanger which will help give that closet a neat and orderly look.


Now, most people don’t really get to decide on the precise dimensions of their closets.

More often than not, they just move in into homes with already installed fixtures.

Each closet can however still be customised to give the best order and dressing efficiency.

Selecting the perfect hanger position will not only prevent protruding clothes but also protect your garments from contact originating harm.

For the more cumbersome items, place the hangar at the very end of the suspended rod or rail fixture.

If the garment is still peeking outside, twist it a bit to the side and arrange all the other hangers in the same manner.

If you’re lucky enough to be deciding where exactly to mount the hanger rail, here are two things to consider;

Closet Dimensions

This is probably the key decider of where to mount your hanger rail.

Remember that the best closet should have about 25 inches of depth.

In laymen terms, this is how far in the closet goes.

With this in mind, you want your rail to be at the centre spot or slightly inwards from the centre spot.

The centre therefore would be 12.5 inches in.

This way, your clothes will have sufficient space on both sides to hang without cramping against the door or the inner wall.


The height of the closet also determines your hanger location.

For the shorter closets or wall spaces, try to put the rail as high as possible.

This will obviously avoid contact between the clothes and the floor which might mess up that fresh laundry.

For the fancier and taller designs, a height of two meters is pretty sufficient.

It will clear the ground while at the same time provide a comfortable operating height for the owner.


Hanger Purpose

What you intend to put up on the hanger is definitely just as important.

The coats ad longer garments demands a higher floor clearance whilst suits and shirts require minimum space.

Of course, needless to say, each age group will determine the hanger placing due to different clothes sizes.

Opt instead for a lager closet space and hence a deeper hanger location to avoid any surprises.

All in all, carefully measure out the closet before making any decisions.

If possible, install a rail temporarily on the selected position and take it for a spin first to see how you like it.