Plastics are the ultimate wardrobe organizer and space saver, and its sleek design allows you to maximize your closet’s space without cluttering the space. The plastic hangers are held in high regard for its affordability, durability, and accessibility and it can carry up to 10 pounds of clothes without losing its composure and shape.

Clothing hangers come in a variety of materials, styles, and sizes, and the cost of hangers across the aforementioned spectrum of variables.  The length of standard plastic hangers can range up to 12-17 inches, and specialty hangers for certain clothing articles (pants, scarf, muffler, and skirts) could measure up to 14 inches.

While there are several categories and types of hangers on the market, people widely prefer plastic hangers due to its unbeatable price, and for the fact that they can purchase up to 50 or 100 plastic hangers without breaking the bank.

Plastic hangers are admired for its economical price, whereas, the metal and wooden hangers are acknowledged for its durability for a much higher cost.

Different types of hangers on the market

You will come across plenty of hangers to choose from; however, most people are concerned about the price tag for hangers. Of course, hangers are used for utility purposes; therefore, they strive to buy a bulk of plastic hangers at an incomparable and irresistible price.

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The following list-style reflects on the types of hangers available on the market with respect to its estimate price tag:

Plastic hangers

Plastic hangers are convenient and affordable, they come in a variety of colors, such as, black, white, and clear, and they are known for their flimsy and lightweight quality.

Plastic hangers are perfect for everyday uses, and they are widely used by retail shops and regular customers/users to hang clothing articles. A set of plastic hangers could cost up to $18 for 30 hangers, which is a deal-breaker for most people.

Wire hangers

Wire hangers aren’t a popular choice; however, they are used rather sporadically. Wire hangers are cheaper than plastic hangers but, they aren’t known for their quality and durability.

The pliability of wire hangers make them ineffective after a couple of uses, and they would rather make good hangers for one-time use. On the contrary, wire hangers are prone to rust that could possibly stain your clothing pieces. Wire hangers in a set should cost up to $5.88-$15.50.

Wooden hangers

Wooden hangers are the luxury version of hangers, and they are rather costly for a hanger.

The wood for making hangers is sourced from teak trees, which attributes to their higher price tag, and they are further varnished with chrome hardware or brass hardware that contributes to its price tag.

You can buy a pair (2) of wooden hangers for a cost of $15.79.

Factors that influence the price of plastic hangers

Plastic hangers are everyone’s favorite household commodity item, and not having a set of plastic hangers in place could disturb your wardrobe’s organization.

It is no surprise that many people often lookout for affordable and cheap plastic hangers that they can buy in sets, and they often get plastic hangers in bulk on a wholesale price to accommodate their wardrobe organizational needs.

Buying plastic hangers at a wholesale and affordable price for its buyers; however, several factors dictate the pricing policy of plastic hangers, which are given as follow:

Brand name

There are two types of plastic hangers on the market; branded hangers and non-branded hangers. If you are a brand-conscious person then, you would be inclined to buy brand name plastic hangers to satiate your wardrobe setting needs.

On the contrary, if you simply require to buy hangers to accommodate your needs then, you can find plenty of non-branded plastic hangers in passable quality.

The cost of branded hangers would be influenced by the brand name but, it is one of the factors responsible for deciding the prices of plastic hangers purchased in bulk quality.

You can find a set of branded plastic hangers for a price of $10-$12, whereas, the non-branded ones for a significantly lesser price.

Manufacturing cost

In addition to the brand name, manufacturing costs incurred for manufacturing plastic hangers also contribute to the pricing of the hangers. For instance, if you are purchasing plastic hangers set from the manufacturer (A) then, its price would be slightly different than its competitor, manufacturer (B). Also, the type of plastic used and the manufacturing process also determines the cost of the plastic hangers.

Economic trend

Plastic hangers dominate other types of hangers; therefore, there is a slight increase in economic trend regarding the economic trend of plastic hangers. Simply put, the demand for plastic hangers is fairly high, which is validated by consumers buying a bulk of plastic hangers for the same price.

You can purchase a set of 10 or 12 plastic hangers at the same price; however, you cannot expect to buy more than 4 wooden or metal hangers for the same price.

In terms of the economic trend, plastic hangers are accessible; therefore, they are designated to be affordable in contrast to its high demand. You can buy a set of 12 plastic hangers on Amazon for an affordable price of $12.44 and on the contrary, you are expected to pay $8.56 for a pair of uniquely designed hangers.


Several manufacturers are competing to offer affordable and premium quality plastic hangers to their customers; which explains the surplus of competition in the market. Also, it determines the reason why plastic hangers are comparatively affordable in comparison to its counterparts.


The cost of production for plastic hangers is relatively low, which gives manufacturers the leverage to produce as many plastic hangers at a low cost. It explains why sellers and retailers choose to sell plastic hangers in bulk to please their customers, and the quantity of hangers in set determines the cost the hangers. For instance, you can purchase a set of 30 plastic hangers for $11.45, whereas, you can pay $18.56 for 50 hangers set.

Cost of plastic hangers

There are certain factors that attribute to the cost of plastic hangers; however, ideally plastic hangers should cost around:

  • 50 plastic hangers- $17.99
  • 60 plastic hangers- $23.24
  • 20 hangers– $9.75

Look for the options for plastic hangers online and buy a bulk of hangers to accommodate your storage organization needs!