Cloth hangers weigh differently depending upon the material they are manufactured from. Cloth hangers range from the lighter wire and acrylic to heavier plastic and wooden ones.

Each hanger has its own pros and cons. It depends upon the ease of use and the requirement whether a lighter or a heavier hanger suits you.

Average Weight

Cloth hangers are usually very light to be considered for weighing. The average weight ranges from 60 grams for wire hangers to over 150 grams for wooden hangers. However, there is no fixed range for how much the hanger should weigh. As a rule of thumb, the heavier a hanger is the better and more durable material it is made up of.

Light Hangers


The light hangers, that include the wire and acrylic hangers, are generally cost effective. That means you don’t need to set up a separate budget for buying your stock of hangers. They are also readily available in the market so you don’t need to go from one shop to the other looking for your desired product. They also save space when you hang them in your closet. Acrylic hangers are also a great option when it comes to hanging in luggage clips.


Wire hangers, the lightest of all the hangers, are not dependable in any case. They are mostly used by the dry-cleaners and are, more or less, for one time use only. This is because of their poor build quality and lack of strength for hanging clothes. For regular use wire hangers are never an option. So, lighter doesn’t always mean efficient.

Heavier Hangers


Compared to the lighter hangers, the heavier hangers, that usually include wooden hangers, are very reliable. They also add style and fashion to your wardrobe and are sure to last a long time. They are used for hanging expensive men clothing like tuxedos and coats.


If you are on a limited budget for the month, heavier hangers are not something you would like to go for immediately. They are expensive when it comes to buying for your whole closet.

They are also limited in stock usually as the styles vary from one hanger to another so you need to buy all the hangers you need in one go. Heavier hangers utilize a lot of space inside your closet.

That means you can’t just keep adding new outfits to your collection without running out of space.