It is good to measure the height of the shirts when installing a new cupboard or wardrobe.

In a way, it is necessary to do this.

Otherwise you will face trouble after the installation.

Especially when the rod is installed, the trouble adds in as you are unable to hang the clothes properly.

The clothes start touching the base of the shelf or the wardrobe.

It folds the clothes from the bottom.

To avoid every such situation, we have got some heights of the clothes that you need to know.

If you keep that in mind while installing the rod, you may not face any trouble.


Tall shirts hanging on clothes hanger

Well, commonly the rods are 6 feet above the base of the wardrobe.

Certainly this means that the longest cloth possibly hung in the wardrobe is slightly below 6 feet.

Though that would not be a shirt.

Instead it could be something like a gown, or a long skirt.

But the standard length of the shirt is 32.25 inches.

That means you only need 2.

7 feet of space in your wardrobe for hanging the clothes.

Well, accordingly you may set the rest of the measurement of the wardrobe.

Just for the information, the longest shirt ever produced in the world is around 317 feet.

Incredible! You would surely need a very huge wardrobe to hang such a thing.


Ahead of that, you would need the right hanger for the shirts.

Though the standard cheap hangers could do the job pretty easily.

But the cheap hangers could cost you a whole grand by tearing your clothes.


The right hanger for shirts

There are plenty of hanger types available.

But each of them has specific usage.

Like contoured hangers are designed for the suits.

These are also used to hang the pants.

They are meant to keep the clothes wrinkle-free.

Further, the tabular hangers are best for the shirts.

Preferable material is plastic as it does not damage the shirt.

We do not know whether you had a bad experience with the steel rod hangers.

But we hope that you do not suffer.

Well, that could be possible if you do not hang shirts on the steel rod tabular hangers.

As they could tear the shoulders of the shirt.

Along with that if the hanger is old and you have not noticed rust on that, it will also make your shirts rusty.