Plastic hangers may your run-of-the-mill household product but, the truth is that there is a lot of research and consideration that goes into manufacturing plastic hangers.

It is no secret that plastic hangers are diversified on a large-scale; therefore, you can expect the design and shape for men clothes and trousers vastly different for what you would expect the plastic hangers to be for women and children respectively.

Retail industry for men has escalated over the years, and the manufacturers are investing in details that are specific for a certain demographic; for instance, they are adamant on manufacturing plastic hangers that are specific to men needs, and they wouldn’t simply choose any random hanger to present their clothing.

Major clothing retailer for men; such as Hugo Boss, Zara, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and so on, are inclined to use a specific type of hangers for men clothing:

Retail market research and analytics for men clothing

Men clothing market is expandable, and it is subjected to changes and modifications as per the needs of the customers.

The target audience of men clothing is differentiated in terms of demographics and geographic; therefore, it enables the clothing brands to create clothes that cater to the needs of the wearer accordingly.

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The men apparel industry is inclusive of formal wear, activewear, casual wear, outerwear, along with formal and casual trousers and pants for several occasions. However, the demand for men clothing has been diversified over the years; therefore, it is fair to say that the men clothing industry is venturing into the category of “niche”;

therefore, they are demanding for details and elements that are exclusive to men clothing—including plastic hangers and packaging type.

Plastic hangers play a crucial role in the display of the clothing, and serious buyer would pay attention to every minuscule detail of the presentation. The improper use of plastic hanger or flimsy tags could influence their decision to make a purchase by a mile; so clothing brands and clothing retailers should vary of this detail.

Latest speculations confirm that the increase of street and sportswear are becoming a major trend among men, and notable designers are capitalizing on this trend.

It has made menswear more approachable and comfortable for its concerning target audience, and the dress code for men isn’t as stern as it used to be.

Additionally, men apparel should be compliant with the dynamic of customer trends and demand and satiate their needs accordingly.

Not all clothing brands for men would be inclined to offer timeless clothing articles, so they should evolve their collection as per the latest trends and demands in the industry.

For instance, the demand for dye-print t-shirts has increased significantly amongst preadolescent boys and they are looking for uniquely designed t-shirts that would set them apart.

Additionally, professionals are always on an outlook for solids that would exude professionalism to their colleagues and clients; therefore, certain brands should offer solids and professional formal wear to accommodate their needs.

plastic hanger

Why are plastic hangers better than wooden and metal hangers?

Men retail industry is growing at an exponential rate; therefore, clothing-manufacturing brands should pay attention to the type of hangers for displaying their clothing articles to their target audience. It is debatable to conclude why plastic hangers are better than wooden and metal hangers, let’s breakdown the key advantages that make plastic hangers superior to wooden and metal hangers:

  • Resistant to rust and mites: Metal hangers are susceptible to rusting and corrosion, so it could result in staining expensive men clothing. Also, wooden hangers are prone to the growth of mites and insects, which isn’t a favorable option for any clothing retailer as well as clothing wearer. On the contrary, plastic hangers are manufactured using synthetic material that makes them immune to oxidization or bugs.
  • Safe to use: Metal or wire hangers aren’t particularly safe to use, and its sharp edges could result in hurting your hand or, tearing your clothes. They are suitable for one-time use but, if you were to reuse them then, it would look its composure in the long-run. Wooden hangers contain sharp debris that could potentially damage the clothing, so you should switch to plastic hangers, which are absolutely safe to use.
  • Cost-effective: Wooden hangers look appealing on the stands but, they are an expensive alternative to plastic hangers. Also, wire hangers simply look flimsy and tacky and no one would be interested in using mediocre hangers for hanging their clothing articles. As a safe bet, plastic hangers are relatively cost-effective and they add a valuable appeal to men’s clothing.

Role of plastic hangers in influencing consumer’s buying decision

Plastic hangers are a top choice amongst several clothing retailers and clothing wearers, and it is known to factor to finalizing a customer’s buying decision extensively. A consumer would prefer to buy hangers that are cost-effective and reusable and plastic hangers hit nail on the head with its characteristics and selling points.

Plastic hangers, when done right, look sophisticated and appealing on its merits, and it would make an excellent accessory to hang high-end apparel in your wardrobe.

For instance, buying wooden hangers to achieve the same outcomes would be an expensive alternative for anyone, and they would like to organize their wardrobe with something affordable and reusable, which factors to their buying decision of men apparel for formal and casual occasions.

One of the prime examples would be that strolling through high-street retailers, such as Zara or Urban Outfitters; you would notice clothes hung using plastic hangers.

On the contrary, wooden hangers are reserved for formal and more expensive clothing piece. If the retailer has used the right type of color and plastic material for manufacturing plastic hanger, it would instantly resonate with the buyer’s purchasing needs.

Additionally, plastic hangers are durable and hard-wearing, and it assures a consumer that the quality of the fabric hanging on the hanger is also durable and reliable, which enables them to finalize their purchase decisions.plastic hanger

A preferred choice for famous retail men clothing brand for plastic hanger

A customer has become more savvy and knowledgeable; therefore, it evaluates a multitude of factors before finalizing its purchase decision. High-street retailers and high-end clothing brands are adamant on using top-notch quality plastic hangers for displaying their selection to their audience and few of the examples of the preferred choice for a famous retail clothing brand for plastic hanger includes the following:

  • Next: Next has become the ultimate hotspot for offering formal and casual clothing for men under one roof. For a fact, if you were to ask professionals on their opinion of Next’s offerings then, they wouldn’t stop raving about their wide selection of clothing articles under one roof. Next uses black as well as white-colored plastic hangers for displaying their collection to their audience. The hangers, in its respective color, sports “Next” logo on its neck. The plastic hangers feature a metal hook to hang the hangers to a railing.
  • Hugo Boss: Hugo Boss offers a wide range of formal articles under one roof. Whether you are looking for professional attire for your next conference meeting or, a dress-suit to play your best man’s role at a wedding then, you will find plenty of formal wear at Hugo Boss. The brand uses black and charcoal-colored plastic hangers for displaying its collection to the audience. The hanger’s neck features the emblem of the retail house on the chrome plating.
  • Adidas: Adidas offers a wide selection of casual and athletic clothing articles, and the brand utilizes white-colored and transparent plastic hangers for presenting its selection to the customers.

A popular type of clothing for men

Men fashion is evolving at an exponential rate; therefore, apparel manufacturers should take note of the gap and diversify its offerings to fill the gap in the men apparel industry. Most menswear is exclusively limited to t-shirts, shirts, pants, jeans, and other articles; however, the following accounts for the popular type of clothing for men in the apparel industry:

  • Shirts: Most professions require men to wear shirts paired with pants to their workplace. Shirts will always be a classic item in men’s apparel collection, and it could be paired with a coat or blazer for enhancing its professional appearance significantly. Shirts come in solids, checkered, stripes, or dotted formats; however, one should choose solids strictly for professional purposes. Make sure to hang them on a plastic hanger or fold them carefully to preserve its composure.
  • T-shirts: T-shirts make the perfect clothing article to wear for causal purposes; if you are hitting the grocery store or, you are going to hang out with your friends then, t-shirts would make the perfect clothing piece to wear. Pair up t-shirts with jeans, trousers, shorts, and you are good to go!
  • Coats and blazers: Coats and blazers are the essentials of men clothing, and one should have at least one coat or one blazer in their collection that matches their professional attire. If you are going for a meeting or an interview, wearing a blazer with your professional attire would have a better impression on the attendees.
  • Pants: Pants are worn for professional purposes, and they should be hung on plastic hangers for maintaining its composure and shape.
  • Jeans: Jeans are foldable clothing pieces; so you can simply fold them and put them in your drawer or wardrobe.
  • Socks: No man’s wardrobe is ever complete without a selection of socks. Invest in good-quality socks and make sure to keep the pairs together, so you wouldn’t have to look hard for it.

Popular types of plastic hanger for men clothes


Legend has it that there are several categories of plastic hangers on the market, and several retailers and clothing manufacturers are urging on designing special hangers for men in the future. The importance of plastic hangers cannot be undermined at all costs; hence, manufacturers are placing special emphasis on the use of plastic hangers for displaying and organizing men’s clothing.

The following are the popular types of plastic hanger for men clothing:

  • Hangers for pants: Hanging pants on standard plastic hangers aren’t the practical way to hang pants. Instead, you should get specific plastic hangers for pants. It should feature a clamp that is designed to accommodate the trouser leg. It allows you to hang pants vertically as well as it helps with the elimination of marks and creases from pants.
  • Hanger for shirts: Use standard plastic hangers with shoulders and neck to hang your shirts after pressing it.
  • Coat hangers: Plastic coat hangers specifically cater to hanging coats and suits, and they are designed using sturdy and unswerving plastic material. It comes in various types, sizes, and colors, so you should choose your pick wisely.
  • Belt hangers: Belt hangers are a thing, and it is perfect for anyone who owns a collection of belts. The plastic hangers for belts are equipped with hooks to help you hang the buckles of the belt to it.
  • Hangers for tie: Not having a plastic hanger for ties in your collection is a huge blunder, and folding your ties could mess up its shape and composition. Hang your ties vertically to preserve its shape and quality.

Dealing with pollution for plastic hangers

The efficiency and affordability of plastic hangers make it a top contender among many men and menswear retailer; however, we cannot be blinded to the facts that plastic is non-biodegradable and indecomposable, which makes it a red flag for the environment.

Any environmentally-conscious citizen would ask you to ditch your plastic hangers and get silicone or wooden hangers but, these two types of hangers do not come close to the proficiency of plastic hangers.

Instead, manufacturers should look for alternatives and design eco-friendly and biodegradable plastic hangers without changing its material type. On the other hand, plastic hangers are recyclable and reusable;

therefore, manufacturers should capitalize on this opportunity to deal with the ever-so increasing pollution for plastic hangers. Instead of getting rid of plastic hangers, they should recycle and modify it for future uses.