A dynamic invention that has swept the nation ever since its creation, the popular plastic clothes hanger has a simple and humble beginning that stretches back to the late eighteen hundreds.

The hanger has since then, stumbled its way into the twenty-first century, and into our lives, managing to stick around for the long run, ultimately for the better.

Through the years, hangers have seen many different shapes and sizes, faces and phases; witnessing the insides of a rich lord’s wardrobe, to a meager cobbler’s closet and those of all the masses in between, the clothes hanger has been through it all.

Meandering Through Market Analytics

It is not an era of simplicity, and each of us owns a number of outfits.

Even children nowadays have such a variety, unmatched from the time of our own childhoods.

Prone to making a mess, playing around, granted many other freedoms, children perhaps have an even more demanding need for many clothes than most adults.

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And with greater space to experiment, embellish and adorn, children’s clothes can get quite creative.

The global market for kid’s clothing is estimated to reach dazzling new heights in the next five years even.

Highly opinionated, children have more of a say in their outfit choices now than ever.

With their increasing autonomy, the expanding consumer culture, materialism, and the massively influential role of the media, kids now sit comfortably in the decision-making seat.

Dual income households and the competitive need for the best, only contribute to expenditure.

The relation between the child (the target market) and its parents (the actual buyers) is quite complex, and extremely diversified, for a variety of factors, ranging from behaviour to discipline and family dynamics.

Moreover, with a decline in births, an increase in awareness, and more women choosing not to have kids, the percentage population of children is also on unstable ground.

The children’s fashion industry has to study a lot of aspects, including recent trends on organic and sustainable product choices, allergen-free materials, and high-quality considerations.


Why Plastic Hangers are Better than Wood and Metal

Hangers have to be durable enough to withstand diverse atmospheric conditions without compromising on their own quality.

Subject to heat and temperature changes, hangers expand and contract under different conditions.

With such changes, wood can get cracked, if not treated properly.

Plastic hangers are the most simple and versatile kind of hangers available to us.

Made from material like polystyrene, polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride, plastic hangers are moulded into their characteristics shapes.

With a fairly simple manufacturing process, they can come in a variety of sizes, with multiple variations tweaked for our purposes.

Cheaper than wood and more easily available, plastic hangers are the most common kind for a reason.

Wood hangers have a lengthy and time-consuming production process that requires a lot of care.

Plastics are very hardy and robust; able to withstand harsh conditions, bearing the weight of heavy fabrics, coats, velvets and fine quality items, without getting out of shape themselves.

Unlike these are wire hangers, which are thin and simple and may not be able to support a wide variety of garments.

Their synthetic nature also prevents plastic from decay and damage, and once you have made an investment, the plastic hanger will be in your life for quite some time.

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Still, in a developing age, children have more sensitive health needs.

Certain materials prove an allergenic threat for them, so a lot of care must be put into deciding the raw materials for the plastic clothes hangers so as not to cause any adverse reactions.


Plastic Hangers and Consumer Buying Decisions

With such obvious advantages, it is no wonder that plastic hangers are the leading preference in the market.

Hangers are in some terms, the packaging of the garment, available in a store.

It is the scaffolding for the presentation of the clothes.

Consumers now place increasing importance on the aesthetic and quality of everything.

Care has to be ensured with even the minutest of details.

With the extent of current competition and the closeness of the products, it often comes down to the little things that make a difference in affecting the customer’s choices.

Uniqueness can then be offered up in arrangements.

Easy to view and access, a hanger allows for convenient display of the clothing.

Lots of clothes can be placed together on a rack, maximizing on space utilization.

Customers can peruse the items on a rack, and with so many choices available, they are bound to make at least some purchases.

Plastic hangers can be personalized specifically in different colors for various brands as well, and kids’ clothing usually have size specifications present on the hanger itself for added convenience.

Stocking items on hangers also add individuality to the items, as stocking clothes in piles is associated with mass supply; products that exist in bulk.

A simple as they are, plastic hangers influence us subtly in ways we would not have considered otherwise.


Plastic Hangers Preferred by Leading Brands

The hangers used must have an impression on both the customer as well as the kids; they are designed for.

There are certain brands catering to children only, while most others have a special division for kids clothing.

Gymboree is one popular kid’s clothing brand that uses minimal, flat, white plastic hangers.

All their hangers, whether for shirts, pants or with clips, have a simple plastic base with a steel hook attached.

The hanger is usually thick with rounded enlarged ends, kept as child-friendly as possible.

According to the garment it is for, it comes with clips, textured shoulders, or shoulder notches.

Acne Studios is another example that uses the basic flat white hanger, made entirely from plastic.

In comparison, OshKosh prefers tubular hangers.Wholesale Blue Plastic Hook Plastic Clothes Hanger 470

Slim and slender, the company has varying colours for the different clothes that they stock.

Curved and simple most hangers also have slight dents for shoulder notches.

Even big brands like Little Marc Jacobs, utilize the basic flat white design, clearly the ideal choice for utility and appeal.

Brands are mostly unanimous in their decision on plastic hangers for kids, safety and convenience being the priority when considering the design.

Big companies like Firefly Store Solutions and Only Kids Hangers are among the leading supplier for this lucrative industry,

Popular Kid’s Clothing and The Plastic Hanger Preferred for Them

According to its purpose, hangers are designed to imitate human shoulders; and therefore maintain the shape of the clothes by providing the same conditions as if they were being worn by someone, able to retain their silhouette.

Children are built smaller, and slimmer; like a miniature adult.

Still growing up, still changing, plastic hangers for children are not so big in size, but can come in a greater variety, owing to the different ages and stages of being that kids are going through, from adolescence to adulthood.

Children’s hangers will mostly house lighter weight and simpler fabrics; tulles, cotton, flannel and such.

Even in the cases of fancier outfits, using velvets or tiny little suits, the clothes do not impose such a burden on the humble plastic hanger.

It is advisable to opt for extremely high-quality hangers when making purchases for kids clothing.

The hangers must be very smooth and expertly trimmed, so there are no sharp corners or edges sticking out.

Such anomalies can be irritating as the clothes can get snagged on them, pull a thread or worse get torn.

If kids are dressing themselves or making decisions like choosing their own clothes, it is also important to reinforce the hangers, so they do not get damaged or snap under such conditions.

Rather than slowly take off the clothes, kids usually yank the fabric off, in their haste and desire to wear their favorite outfit as quickly as possible.

Products, therefore, should be made to be as flexible and pliable as possible, softer and bendier plastic bases are preferred, so the hanger yields to such treatments.Black Metal Hook Hanger Eco-friendly Hanger YH-38CM

When catering to children or kids’ products, the design should be relatively simple.

More focus is given to the physical attributes, than adding very many nifty, hidden or overt features.

It is best, if the plastic hanger stuck to its original purpose, without straying too far, for the ease of the intended audience.

Designs should be uncomplicated.

The space for wild ideas and creative expression comes into play when looking at the outer design and not the functional one.

Plastic hangers for kids can be made into extremely colorful, intensely vibrant and amazing pieces.

Employing sold colors, varying translucencies, colour blocking, and even mixing to produce great mosaics, the possibilities are unlimited.

Patterns can be incorporated, favorite animals and even natural elements.

What’s more, the hangers can be decorated with different materials, such as furs or satins, to not only make them more appealing but also serve the garments better, by providing a stronger grip, less friction and fewer chances to slip off.

Details and embellishments like studs and bows are also options.

However, there are still some important bits and pieces essential for kids’ hangers.

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Clips can be added to the ends of the hangers, to hold onto your clothing.

These snapping clips can be made to slide across the shoulders so you can clip them onto just about anything.

Clothes of varying sizes can be accommodated on the same hanger for quite long.

Just keep increasing the distance, and you can use the hanger as your kids grow and their clothes get bigger.

In some designs, rubber strips and textured grips are built across the hanger bar; these provide additional stability for trousers, so they stay on the hanger.

These ribbed additions can also be made on the shoulders, in case some clothes are too delicate and thin and require more gentle handling.

Notches can be made into the end of the shoulders, where straps can fit in, and so the hanger can serve various different garments.

You can also hang more than one cloth on the same hanger with these additional accessories.

Some kids hangers are extended and made like a flat torso; these eliminate the need to iron clothes frequently, as the entire top or dress has to support.

Skirts and pants with elastic waists can also be secured on such hangers.

A latticed grid divides the hangers, so skirts can be hung at varying levels, peaking out from under the shirts, for ease and convenience.

Problems with Pollution and How we Can Deal with Them

One of the most important and sadly significant downsides to plastic hangers is the environmental damage they cause.

An essential part of life, permeating all aspects, it is no wonder that plastic consumption amounts to 30 million tons per annum.

Synthetic polymers cannot be decomposed and disposed of easily, but their manufacturing also releases toxic chemical into the environment.

The only way to counteract the detrimental effects is to reduce our synthetic plastic consumption and substitute it with alternative plastics.

Biodegradable plastic can undergo decomposition into smaller, harmless particles that can be utilized by the planet and its organisms.

Biodegradable plastics are in fact extremely sturdy and will only be broken down when subject to a series of enzymatic and microbial conditions.

We can also reuse and recycle our plastic products instead of throwing them out, and keep single-use plastic usage to a minimum.

Every little effort counts.

The damage cannot be undone, but we can make improvements for the future.


Designing A Plastic Hanger for Kid’s Clothes and Trousers

Ultimately hangers are designed to help us keep organized and protect the clothes.

A lot of thought goes into making and choosing the right hanger, not just the clothes, but the customer as well and the capacity the hangers are being used in.

The possibilities are endless.

With the attention to even the most minuscule details, the invention of the hanger has been reformed.

There are limitless opportunities for multiple combinations.

The original hanger invented, could not have possibly dreamed of such an intricate and glorious future.

Like a Build-A-Bear activity, the basic hanger can be constantly constructed, added to, re-imagined and improved upon.

All we need to do is identify the purpose and our specific requirements before we go about designing and creating a plastic hanger for kids.

And with such strong opinions on matters, themselves, children will not hesitate to let us know whether they like a product; whether a hanger works out for them or needs to be changed, with other aspects added.

Be wary though, or with their sweet suggestions you might end up adding a blazing rocket ship, rainbow unicorn horn, or fluffy wings to the plastic hanger before you know it.