For most of us, our outfit conveys an important part of ourselves; our essence.

Before we have even had a chance to introduce our person, our look speaks for us.

The ensemble portrays our choices, our tastes, the way we choose to present ourselves, the effort we have put into it, and the care we take not only of us but of our personal material belongings.

Whether we are dressed for a meeting, a casual gathering of friends, or a day dedicated to our alone time, we cannot go about looking shoddy and shabby.

Even the most carefully combined outfits can end up disastrously if we have a seam pulling off, if our clothes are not ironed properly, or if we have mistreated the fabrics in any other way.

In our times with all the scrutiny, every little thing counts.


The Industry

The fashion industry is one the largest, most booming businesses to ever exist.

Fashions are always changing and evolving; the industry progresses at such a rapid rate that the trends of today will not be the same as tomorrow.

And of course, everyone must follow suit with the changing times and adapt as quickly as possible.

In this fleeting environment, personalization is the key.

Stores have to put up an enticing persona, as customers do not have brand loyalties anymore, and are only in the chase for high-quality products, services, and innovation.

In our digital era, online shopping has also swept up the nation in a storm, but statistics show that as of 2019, in fact, only 10-15% of consumers purchase their garments online.

Most people still prefer the good old fashioned way of going to department stores, and getting their clothes.

 Your outfit must be the right fit for you and there is something therapeutic about heading off, trying on different clothes, the close comfort of the changing rooms, the lighting, an attractive shop display and of course, racks and racks of stunning outfits just hanging there, waiting for us to get to them.

Although gone are times, when counters would be so crowded, with women clamoring to buy their items as fast as possible- people want immediate services without all the extra hassle- quite a few people would still consider shopping in person, where they can have the clothes immediately, without having to wait for shipping time.

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And with so many options available, we must also make adequate arrangements for the storage and display of our garments.

Here too, there are numerous factors to consider, from easy accessibility to compact and convenient storage and even the option to peruse our outfits without pulling out all our clothes and making a mess in our rooms.

Hangers are one innovation that seems to solve all the issues, preserving and presenting our clothes in the cupboards.

But what goes into this molded piece of plastic that our clothes hang on? As simple and commonplace as their usage is, we have taken hangers for granted, using and discarding them without a second thought to their contribution in our lives, and how without them our clothes would probably be tossed into an unseemly pile all across the floor and furniture.


The Basic Hanger: Plastic is Better than Wood and Metal

Designed to imitate human shoulders, hangers maintain the shape of our clothes by providing the same conditions as if they were being adorned by someone.

Hangers have to be durable themselves and should be able to withstand diverse atmospheric conditions without compromising on their own quality.

Like all solids, they expand and contract under different temperatures, but too drastic a change and the hanger will go out of shape and fail its purpose.

Plastic hangers are the most simple and versatile kind of hangers available to us.

Made from polypropylene, polystyrene or polyvinyl chloride, plastic hangers are molded into their characteristics forms.

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With a fairly simple manufacturing process, they can come in a variety of sizes, with multiple shape variations tweaked for our purposes.

Cheaper than wood and more easily available, plastic hangers are the most common kind for a reason.

Wood hangers take months to manufacture, and cannot be as easily manipulated as plastic.

And sure wood may have better quality and long life, but plastic hangers have no added parts or components, making them sturdier and less likely to break;

Unlike wire hangers which are slim and flimsy, plastics are very hardy and robust and can withstand harsher conditions, bearing the weight of heavy fabrics, coats, velvets, and fine quality items, without getting misshapen themselves.

Their synthetic nature prevents them from decay and damage, and they themselves do not damage the clothing.


Plastic Hangers and Consumer Buying Decisions

With such obvious advantages, it is no wonder that people prefer plastic, often.

Plastic represents a brand of products that is reliable; that people recognize, and one that is commonly and conveniently available.

With its prevalence, it is easy to compare different kinds of plastic hangers.

Since they can be easily made and upgraded, plastic hangers have many different faces.

It has been noted that people are more likely to get garments that are on display on a hanger.

It saves them the trouble of having to fold and unfold clothes, and navigate through piles and piles of material.

Easy to view and access, clothes on a hanger also fall in their natural silhouette and can be modeled just as easily.

Since plastic does not compromise on the integrity of the fabric, the clothe scan stay on for a very long time, not that they will have to as people will just as quickly grab them up.

Stocking items on hangers also adds an individual touch to the items, as piles as just associated with mass item, that exist in bulk.

A simple as they are, plastic hangers influence us subtly in ways we would not have considered otherwise.


Plastic Hangers Preferred by Leading Brands

So many stores and shops, stock their products on plastic hangers and racks; from high-end fashion brands to common retail stores accommodating just about everyone.

Part of the whole shopping package, stores also pay particular attention to the unique hangers used and their contribution to the entire experience.

Companies like Nike and Adidas have a high demand for plastic hangers, mostly needed for shirts and tights.

They prefer simple flatter hangers that allow lots of clothes to be displayed on the racks.

The hangers are all the same, smooth plastic with notches on the shoulders from straps.Black Metal Hook Hanger Eco-friendly Hanger YH-38CM

In comparison stores like Zara, with their variety of clothing, opt for a varied range of plastic hangers as well.

Built in a classic black, Zara’s hangers are mostly slim, with highly contoured shoulders, notched or notch less, with a steel hook set into the top.

Aiming for space saving, Zara’s coat hangers are also slim and uniformly tubular, but the shape of the hanger is bulky and curved dramatically.

Brands like H&M that release multiple collections of clothing every year, every month, have an even grander requirement.

H&M is all about the aesthetic, and so plastic hanger design change with the changing collaborations and products that H&M has.

Opting mostly for the basic minimal designs, with variations for different garments, in one of its collections with Kenzo, H&M featured their clothes on trendfy translucent hangers.

Thick and sturdy, Kenzo’s charismatic designs stood out.

One thing is for certain, brands prefer the monochromatic black and white spectrum, as the basics cater to and complement most clothes; after all, you can’t go wrong with black.

Even luxury fashion brands like Armani make use of plastic hangers.

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The most notable being the coat hangers with enlarges ends to support the weight of the fabric.

It comes as no surprise then that fashion giants like Armani, H&M, Forever 21, Gucci and Burberry prefer the same hanger suppliers for their varying needs.

Hangers Wholesale is just one example that has been serving our beloved brands for years.


Popular Women’s Clothing and the Plastic Hangers Used

Perhaps the most important consideration for plastic hangers then is the clothes they are used for.

After all the purpose of the hanger, the entire time is to house and protect our clothes.

Initially, the varying styles of clothing were primarily targeted at female consumers.

Overtime, it became apparent that the frequency of garment purchasing cannot be gendered, however with lots of social settings and appropriate outfits required every time, women have a lot of variety in clothes.

Plastic hangers can be altered and adapted to the different kinds of garments.

T-shirts are among the most basic and everyday requirements.

T-shirts can be hung on the simplest of hangers.

An open-ended triangle, with smooth slanting shoulders, the hangers preferred for t-shirts should be pliable and light so as not to leave their marks on the soft fabric, or misshapen t-shirt necklines in any way.

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Blouses too have needs of their own.

Since blouses themselves are made from light, airy materials’ cottons, chiffons, georgette, silks and cambrics, blouses need smooth fine hangers so the delicate materials don’t get caught on the hanger.

Hangers should be slimmer and can be textures for added security.

The shoulder contours are delicate, and notches are made into the ends, so straps can fit, without falling off.

Some hangers have a bar crossing, completing the triangle; these are meant for trousers that can also be hung, on their own or in combination with a top or jacket.

One can also wrap or drape scarves and belts along the bar.

The dimensions of the bar can be altered according to the type and material of the trousers, as tweed, linen and viscose would do with a thicker bar, while cotton, chinos, or seersucker can be hung on a thinner tube.

Additionally bars – and even some shoulders- can be textured or ribbed in order to grip the fabric more securely, so your clothes do not slip off, leaving you with an empty hanger.

Specialized hangers just for pants exist too.

The open-ended hanger has one shoulder and the usual bar for trousers, and allows for mass storage of pants, with easy access to your outfit options.

If you are worried about de-shaping your skirt or crease lines in your pants, some hangers come with clips attached.

One can simply snap these onto the material, and hang perhaps another shirt on the hanger shoulders.

Clips can be made to slide across the shoulders so you can clip them onto just about anything from a slim elastic waist to the broader top of a strapless dress.

In some designs, removable rubber strips are also attached across the bar, which provide additional stability for trousers, to ensure they stay on the hanger.

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Some plastic hangers can be covered with velvet or satin themselves, adding to the luxurious ingenuity.

Velvet provides a cushion for the delicate fabrics, so they can drape softly on the hanger without affecting their silhouette.

The velvet and satin help minimize friction factors and so your clothes won’t go loose or bobble, destroying the garment.

Careful thought needs to be put into this, as garments spend most of their lives on a hanger.


Problems with Pollution and How we Can Deal with Them

One of the greatest and most important downsides to plastic hangers is pollution.

Plastic is an essential part of lives, we rely heavily on synthetic polymer products, and it’s proving to be a problem for us, in the longer run.

Plastic causes immense damage to the environment, but we can help with that.

Firstly we can reduce our wastages and behave responsibly.

We can also opt for biodegradable plastics that will not harm the environment.

Biodegradable plastic can undergo decomposition into smaller, harmless particles that can be utilized by the planet and its organisms.

Biodegradable plastics are in fact extremely sturdy and will only be broken down when subject to a series of heat and microbial conditions.

Every little effort counts.

The damage cannot be undone, but we can make improvements for the future.


Designing A Plastic Hanger for Women’s Clothes and Trousers

A lot of considerations go into designing, making and choosing the right hanger, not just the clothes, but the person as well and the capacity they are using hangers in.

The possibilities are endless.

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With the attention to even the most minuscule details, the invention of the hanger has been reformed.

here are endless opportunities for multiple combinations.

We need not worry, with all the ambition and creativity out there; another innovation could soon be on its way.

In fact, it can actually be quite overwhelming; who would have possibly imagined that the making of a hanger could prove to be this complex and art in product design.

An invention, unparalleled in usage, an integral part of our lives, the plastic hanger is the epitome of simplicity and utility.

And if you and your clothes are still suffering, hang in there; there is a hanger out there for everybody.