There always seems to be a bittersweet relationship between a non-slip hanger and its user.

When it comes to silk shirts or some other slippery material, the non-slip hangers are absolute lifesavers.

However, for ordinary shirts that do not slip, it becomes a tedious process to take them off their hangers!

The real issue appears to be that the non-slip hangers are sold in packs.

The buyer may feel the need to use every one of the hangers in the pack even if in reality they may have only needed to use one or two.

Furthermore, the problem extends to their cost, which as can be expected is higher than that of ordinary hangers.

Therefore, the consensus would seem to be that these hangers are actually not worth the hassle.

As an alternative, there are some easy methods that could rapidly turn normal hangers into non-slip hangers.

These methods will not only enable someone to only make as many non-slip hangers as they need but also prevent them from having to stretch their budget even a little.

These methods are simple yet effective and they will only make use of materials that are cheap and readily available.


First Method – Add Pipe Cleaners to the Ends

All this method requires are two pipe cleaners.

The pipe cleaners need to go around the shoulder straps of the hanger.

One of them for each side of the hanger should be enough to ensure clothes no longer slip but if necessary, add more pipe cleaners to raise the amount of non-slippery surface area.


Second Method – Zigzag Your Way on the Shoulder Straps Using Hot Glue

Obviously, a glue gun is of paramount importance for the successful completion of this method.

In order to get started the glue gun needs to be heated up.

Once it’s warm enough apply a zigzag line of glue on the shoulder straps of the hanger.

It must be ensured that the glue is fully dry before the hanger can be put into use.

If properly done, this method should do well to make the hanger non-slippery.


Third Method – Use Rubber Bands

This method is going to make use of rubber bands.

Specifically, 2 large-sized bands that can be found in most stationery stores.

Stretch the bands and put them around each side of the hanger.

The wrapping should be done as many times as possible, keeping in mind that over-stretching will make the rubber bands snap.

This should make sure the bands are firmly in position and stretching over as much of the surface area as possible.

This should be enough to create friction and make it a non-slip hanger.


Final Say…

These methods have all been tested and proven to work exceedingly well.

If none of them work then there is no hope and you might have to give in and buy the non-slip hangers from the store!