Clothes hangers are used to hang clothes so as to avoid a lot of space that usually clothes consume. Another advantage is that it reduces the risk of wrinkles that usually occur due to the process of folding.

Knitting the hangers is a very advantageous process as it increases the beauty as well as the durability of the hangers. In it usually a thread is used to knit all around the hanger just as we place a cover over a mobile phone.

As the protector of the mobile phone protects and increases its beauty, in the same way this knitting process adds to the beauty of the hanger as well as plays a vital role in its protection.

What is knitting of a hanger?

Knitting is a process due to which we can place a cover of our favorite chosen color on to the hanger.

It is generally used to increase the beauty of the hanger. All of us wish to see the household things placed in a beauty.

So, by the process of knitting we can match the color of our clothes with a hanger and things with matching color always look beautiful. It also helps us to keep our things identical so that we could easily find them even at the time of an emergency.

How to knit a hanger?

First of all, we require the following material for knitting: 1. Knitting needles, thread with of your choice, a hanger, rug yarn (heavy). This might be called as the first step because in every process that we do the first step is the collection of materials required to perform the specific task.

These materials can be found from a tailor’s shop.

After getting the material first of all hold the needle and check whether it is perfect for the job or not. Now get started with the following steps:

  1. Hold the needle and pass the tread through the hole present in it. After passing it tie a knot so that the thread should not leave the needle.
  2. Now first tie a not at one end of the hanger and start knitting just like we knit sweater.
  3. Continue the knitting process until you reach the other end of the hanger.
  4. Now tie another knot at the second end of the hanger so that the thread properly settles. Leave the hook part as it is and your knitted hanger is ready to use.