Recycling is getting popular to utilize the unused and old object and turn them into something useful.

If you have a creative mind, then you can easily do that during your leisure time.

Today we are discussing how to make clothes hanger rack at home.


With pipes

During construction or maintenance work, sometimes unused or faulty pipes are left in our storeroom or basement.

By using those we can build different types of hanger rack.

The first one will be mounted on the wall.

First, choose the location where you want to place it.

Once you make it you cannot move it anywhere as it will be fixed to the wall.

You can choose the height and width all by yourself.

Here, we use four flanges which are installed from the wall at 16inch distance.

Two are mounted near the floor with 40inch distance from each other.

Two flanges are mounted on the upper side with the same distance.

Now attach necessary connectors to all these four flanges.

Now take two vertical pipes with correct measurement and slid them into the connector.

Finally, mount them on the floor.

At the lower pipe section, you can attach a wired basket to keep, shoes, hats, purse or other small items.

At the upper section, hang your clothes with hanger.


With woods

You can use wood or bamboo as per your choice.

It is a good and inexpensive solution for any small space.

Here, we are using four 152 cm long wood planks or bamboo.

Take two planks and attach these like a triangular shape.

Do the same with the other two.

The distance between two sides of a triangle is 43.

5 at the lower side.

The distance from one triangle to another is 82 cm.

To make the frame firm and strong, join the two sides of the triangle with another wooden plank.

Do the same with the other one.

Now make it a rectangle shape by joining the other two sides as well.

You can place a flat, wide timber to make it a shelf.

If needed, you can make several shelves.

At the top side make a single hole onto both triangle frames to insert another piece of wood.

Correctly measure everything.

Now insert the final plank into the holes at the top side.

The rack is done.

You can also add wheels at the bottom to move it easily.