Packing the clothes is must when moving into a new home or traveling to another place for a recreational or business trip.

Well, trips and movement do appear like fun.

But packing the clothes is never a joyous task.

In the whole process, we usually try to keep the clothes straight enough to not to get them wrinkled.

But that could only be guaranteed when moved with precision.

Putting the clothes directly into a box is never a good solution.

That simply means wrinkling them and even tearing them apart.

Well, carrying the clothes on the hangers could certainly save the day.


Packing clothes on the hangers

Alright! So here we are with the packing trick.

Read further to know, that how you could pack the clothes on the hangers.

Here we have two options available, based on technique and price.

Go with the one that suits you the best:

Use the trash bags

It might sound funny, moving clothes in a trash bag is quite easy and cheap.

All you need to do is that, hang the clothes on the hangers.

Then slide them into the trash bags.

You can add up to 5 to 6 dresses or 50 to 60 gallons of weight in the trash bags.

Get a drawstring heavy-duty trash bag as that could carry a massive amount of weight.

After sliding the hanging clothes in, wrap the hanger hooks with the drawstring of the bag.

And then tie them together.

This will tighten it, making it easier to be hung and carried around.

This process would cost you nothing more than a few bucks.


Wardrobe boxes

Well, you have got money, and need to be more precise.

Then we have another option here.

This works the simple way.

Get the wardrobe boxes, hang the clothes on the hanger and put in on the wardrobe box.

It is just as easy as hanging the clothes in the room wardrobe.

Well, you need to get the accurately measured box.

Else if you brought in a smaller one the clothes will fold from the bottom.

The wardrobe boxes range between $15 and $125.

And a lot of your rich friends will ask you to get the expensive one to remain at ease.


Garment bags for both the options

The garment bags are themselves an independent option.

You can add the clothes to the bag and hang it in the wardrobe box or put it in the trash bag.

They could also be used as the cover.

Using them you can cover the trash bag filled with clothes and the wardrobe boxes.

That adds a layer of protection to the clothes.