Thinking of shifting homes with your precious wardrobe or perhaps moving a beloved garment to the cleaners? Improper handling might quite easily end up frustrating you or, even worse, ruining that precious cargo.

The proper handling practises should definitely come to play when shifting clothing.

In fact, the sooner people desist from the stuffed boxes of clothes, the better.

Clothes hangers are totally a better way of making the move.

They not only keep your items pristine but also make the whole process easier.

Let’s just take a quick look at some of the best ways to make the clean move.

Now, for some reason or other, clothes always seem to be the first target when packing.

Usually, these clothes are hung up nicely on their hangers in the closet right? Well, why not just retain this orderly storage and move them as they are.

Surely this is far better than stripping them off and bundling them in stuffy garbage-sourced boxes.

For this hack to work, you will need just a few clean, unused and huge plastic bags, a twisting tool plus some strings to tie it all up into a compact little bundle.


Order Up!

You certainly don’t want to mix up everything willy-nilly.

Instead, sort out the similar clothes.

This should be no rocket science, simply group together hangers with shirts for instance and so on.

This will help to deal with similar sized hangers.

Mixing up these garments will complicate the whole process because some hangers will be heftier, taller and broader than others.

Remember, don’t overdo it, make small clusters and every time it grows a bit big, start a new one.


Bag it up!

Now that the clothes are grouped up on their hangers, it’s time to bag them.

Carefully lay out the stacked hangers on the floor and bring in the bag.

The bigger volume bags are better equipped for this job (I suggest 30 gallon capacity bags).

Make a small hole at the bottom centre of the bag for the hanger heads.

Slowly and neatly pull the bag over the hangered clothes stack (of not more than ten hangers).

Align the hole with the heads and let them pop out, this will prove quite useful for handling purposes.


Tie it up!

Now that the clothes are safely bagged, it’s time to secure the package.

Drawstring bags would really come in handy here but if you don’t have them, no need to worry still.

Firmly tied up the package at the middle to make it stable.

It’s also wise to tie up the hanger heads together to prevent shifting and perhaps a nasty wire prick.

If there’s a drawstring, pull it up and tie a loop to keep it in place.

Once secure, you’re all set for the move.

The clothes can be easily packed in the vehicle without fear of crimping or soiling at all! Nicely stack the packages and be careful not to place anything else on top of the stack.

It’s also advisable to colour code these packages so that you will identify easily what exactly is in each bag when unpacking time comes around.