About the size of clothes hanger

The size of a cloth hanger has also been a major issue in recent times. It is so because smaller size hangers destroy the shoulder shape and also create hanger nipples which look absolutely devastating.

Whereas bigger ones are unable to catch the clothes of children.

But all these are modern days difficulties. The real difficulties that were faced by the ancient people were that only one standard-sized hanger was established only at that time which created a lot of difficulties.

So, to come out of these difficult times different sizes which were normally used were introduced.

How many sizes of hangers are available?

Size of the hanger varies in men, women, and children. On the basis of size there are different hanger sizes available which are given below:

Hangers For men

The sizes available for men are

  • Small: The hangers of small size have a chest size of 36 inches whereas the collar size is 14 and a half inches
  • Medium: These hangers have chest size ranging from 38 inches to 40 inches whereas the collar size is 15 inches.
  • Large: The chest size in these hangers starts from 42 inches and reaches up to 44 inches. Collar size is almost 16 and a half inches.
  • Extra-large: This size is mostly for people with size larger than normal. In it, chest size ranges from 46 inches to 48 inches and collar size from 17 to 17 and a half inches.
  • Double extra-large: It is a size usually used by people having obese bodies. Chest size in it ranges from 50 to 52 inches which are quite big enough and the collar size of 18 inches.

Hangers For women

For women, size has been added which is an extra small size. So, for women the size chart is given below:

  • Extra small: the women of this size usually have hangers from 32-34 inches in Euro size whereas the UK size ranges from 6-8 inches.
  • Small: in it, women usually wear a euro size of 38 inches and UK size of 12 inches.
  • Medium: This size is the general size used by most of the women. In it, Euro size starts from 40 inches and ends at 42 inches whereas the UK size ranges from 14 inches to 16 inches.
  • Large size: It ranges from 44 inches to 46 inches and in UK size it ranges from 18 to 20 inches.