To store our clothes neatly, especially shirts are commonly done by hanging them in a dresser or from a rack with hangers.

But with this common method comes the irritating problem like hanger imprint.

If the shirt is kept in the same way for a long time, then imprint or bumps occur which ruins the outfit.

You can avoid or solve the problem with some simple technique.



First of all, while washing the shirts, clean them carefully.

The dampen condition reduces the bump.

Again, after washing the shirts, dry it out on the rack or rope to avoid hangers.

You can even spread it on a flat surface.

Use clips to keep the cloths in place.

You can hang the shirts with upside-down with clips to avoid any kind of mark.

Now, a type of hanger is available with clamps or clips.

You can try those as well while drying your shirts.

You can also use dryers to quicken the drying session.


Steam iron

If your shirts already have the marks, then use an iron to smoothen that.

You can use a steam iron which will work better.

Even the small hand held steamer will work.

After ironing, fold the shirts properly and place them in a wardrobe.

There will be no hanger imprints on the shirt.

If the iron is not available, then dampen the problematic area with a spray bottle and rub it with fingers to remove the imprints.

If possible you can use ice cubes and rub as well.

There are a few types of shirts which cannot be folded because of the garments or design.

So, you have no other choice but to hang them in the closet.


Tubular hangers

To avoid hanger imprints, it is better not to use the wire hangers.

They are really thin with no padding, so there is hardly any support for your clothes.

The clothes are distorted and stretched.

These types of hangers have sharp edges, so the hanger marks or bumps occur easily.

For hanging the shirts, the best way is to use tubular hangers.

You can easily hang the buttoned down shirts on these hangers.

Do not over crowd or overstuff your closet while hanging the shirts and other clothes.

Keep enough space to remove one item without disturbing others.

Stuffing too many clothes will wrinkle your shirts.

So avoid that as much as possible.