Selecting a clothing hanger should not be taken for granted. They are equally as important as your rich and elegant clothes are.

Buying a clothing hanger should be a one-time investment.

If the clothing hanger does not fit the garment perfectly, it will affect adversely to the clothes durability.

Many points can be kept in mind while purchasing clothing hangers.

Clothing hangers can be classified into different types based on their size, shape, the sex for it will be used, the materials from which it’s made, the purpose of use, etc.

A good size hanger can prevent wrinkling of clothes and can save a bunch of space in of your closet.

Today we will be discussing how to identify the correct clothing hanger for clothes such that it can also contribute to the aesthetic beauty of your Almirah along with maintaining the quality of clothes!

Given below is the classification of hangers that a person can choose from keeping in mind the attire it will be used for.


These hangers are miniature size. They are suitable for clothes having a width of about 13-14 inches. Plastic hangers can be used for this purpose. Clothes like undergarment, kids’ wearable of up to 3 years can be hung on them properly. Mostly used in garments shops and laundries.


These are suitable for the clothes having a girth of about 15-16 inch in size. Shirts, T-Shirts, Formal trousers, Jeans can be hung on them properly without compromising on the ironing plates.


These are required for the attires like Suits and Coats. These hangers are suitable for apparel that has broad and sturdy shoulders. They fit perfectly in the grooves and air circulation is evenly maintained avoiding any fungal growth if stored for too long in cabinet.

X Large

These are used for bed sheets and even Saris. As they have more span. Saris can easily accommodate these hanger gaps. For such material, metal hangers should be used as they can easily sustain the weight of these clothes in the wardrobe.


These are not mostly used. But they can be used for men who have a great height and physique. It can be used for leather jackets and even Bridal Lenhgaas or Dresses.