If your house is full of cloth hangers and you have no idea what to do with that, then we are giving few ideas.

The cloth hangers, especially the wired ones are hard to sell because they may jam the machine while recycling.

So, our houses become full of unused hangers.

Many types of hangers like plastic, wooden and wired hangers are normally found everywhere.

There are not many options to use the plastic and wooden ones in a different way as those are completely solid.

But with the wired one, you can create many ideas as it is easy to bend and give shape.

There are some interesting ways to make paper towel holder by using clothes hanger.


First Method

This is the easiest way to make paper towel holder.

You just need a hanger and a cutter.

Take a plastic hanger.

Now, take the low straight side and cut it in the middle.

Take the paper towel roll and insert it into the cutting edge.

Now hang it anywhere in a convenient place.

You cannot do much with the plastic hanger.

Our next method is with the wired hangers.


Second Method

Take a wired hanger and pliers.

Now stretch the two corners of the hanger to make an almost square shape.

Like the first method cut or snip in the middle of the bottom straight side.

Now take the two cutting edges, bend and shape it like a hook.

Now, open the hook and insert the paper towel roll.

Close the hooks.

You can hang it in your kitchen, a workplace or in your garage.


Third Method

This method is a little bit different and interesting.

First, take a wired hanger and pliers.

Now, stretch the lower part.

Then again, press all the sides in such a way that it will turn into a square.

Now you have to make a ‘B’ shape out of that.

Take one side of the square and take a ruler to measure it.

Then take a marker to mark the side into three equal parts.

Here comes the difficult step.

You have to bend the middle part slowly at the inner side as much as possible.

Try to bend and reshape to make it like the alphabet ‘B’.

You may have to do that many times to get the perfect shape.

Now, you can use it as a holder.