Clogs can be difficult to unclog whether they be of toilet or kitchen sink or washbasins. They may happen due to tissue papers/hairs/large food particles/soaps etc.

No time to call a professional plumber?

Less money is available to spend. Relax, there’s a better alternative.

Clothing hangers not only maintain the durability and shape of your clothing along with imparting beauty to your closets but they also can assist to eliminate clogs.

Yes, you read it right; hangers can be used to remove the clogs.

In this need of an hour, one needs to be calm and quiet and use some common sense.

Subsequent steps will prove valuable if used correctly. Here how,

  1. Initially get rid of the draining cap or cover using a screwdriver.
  2. Glance in your wardrobe for a wire/ metallic hanger, you are going to make a snake! Don’t panic, it won’t bite you. Try to unwind the hanger but keep the hook as it is. Then slightly bent the hanger from its later end to make a handle. This will act as a shank. Well, this is your snake that dances up to your tune!
  3. You can tie a piece of unused cloth/sock/tape on the hook end that will prevent scratches on the porcelain material while you will be using the snake to and fro for unclogging.
  4. Ensure that you grasp the handle tightly while inserting the hook end of your clothe hanger into the drain. Move the hanger backward and forward while continuously rotating in clockwise and anticlockwise motion until you feel the clog. Once you feel the clog try to withdraw the snake such that the waste material is removed easily. If it is stuck hard then you need to apply some sheer force to get it out, but safeguard not to push it back.
  5. Rerun the same process again and again until you find your snake coming out without grabbing its prey! Well, guess what? You have learned how to make a snake dance to your tune. So if it happens next time, it will be easier for you to handle and the faster the solution will come out to be.
  6. Throw the clog in the dustbin.
  7. Pour some excess water in the drain to let go of some particles that may have remained to clear off the pipe.