20% OFF Clear Plastic Johnson cencosud Metal Hook Clothes Hanger 580

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How gorgeously written “Johnson census” in our clear plastic metal hook hanger!

Give your clothes the luxury and elegant they deserve with our super metal hook hanger. This hanger is made of high-grade PP plastic material. It is made up of eco-friendly material than normal plastic. The hanger construction is strong and durable enough to hold your heaviest clothes year-round.


Space Efficient

These are efficiently built and add great value to your shop, making it look pleasing to the eyes. They are very easy to manage due to its slim and sleek design, allowing you to organize your clothes shop hassle-free.


Great Support

Our hanger features a non-slip velvet material that holds clothes in place without falling or sagging. The contoured shoulders keep clothes shapes while the additional notches help to keep accessories in place.



  • Size: 42cm x 25cm (l x h)
  • Color: Clear
  • Material: PP/ PS plastic
  • Metal fittings: Galvanized metal hook
  • Metal hook: Rotates by 360 degree
  • Sticker: Circular Orange colored



  • The hook could easily rotate 360 degrees, enabling you to easily turn the hanger to any angle.
  • You will hang and access clothes without even moving them from the clothing rack.
  • Made from very strong and durable plastic allowing it to last for long.
  • It is strong, durable and flexible, which can hold any garments without the fear of breaking.
  • Great for hanging shirts, t-shirts, formal wears, blouses, etc.
  • It is no doubt a necessity for your daily life.
  • These clothes hangers are very easy to hang and remove clothing.
  • Its slim design takes minimal closet space and portrays a very organized and tidy appearance.


Flexible & Unbreakable

It is flexible but not break easily. Load bearing up to seven lbs, they strong enough to hold the clothes effectively. No more pants or skirts will on your floor!


Eco-Friendly Material

The material is probably the first thing you look at when buying hangers. It’s also the first element we pay attention to, but we may be looking at it from a different perspective.

We’re interested in the eco-friendliness of the material. The environmental impact it has when we buy it and when we throw it away is crucial elements which can influence our purchasing decision.


For Men /Women

In terms of hangers, your options are limited. Whether you’re stuck sifting between plastic or velvet hanger options, you have never presented a sustainably stylish product. For great look for your room, you need to organize, prepis and ensure everything is just where you left it!

  • It will not hurt your skin.
  • Very soft and smooth finishing material.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable that is socially conscious you.
  • Helps you to organize your luggage in travel.


Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Hangers

We will refer more to the metal hook hangers, as they were our choice as eco-friendly hangers. These clothes organizing products have some great benefits.

  • Resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Beautiful design


Package Included

  • 1x Hanger


Advantage of Choosing Our Product?

  • An OEM product is made according to the buyer’s product specification. For example, any product with a customized design, material, dimensions, functions or even colors can be classified as OEM.
  • We use Eco-friendly material.
  • We promise a prompt reply to your inquiry.
  • We can guarantee the production time & fast delivery.
  • High quality and competitive price in your country market.

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