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How stunning is our “American Princess Clothes Hanger”! Each item is meticulously crafted with the user and their living space in mind. The end product results in items that maximize space, simplify organization and take the guesswork out of keeping a neat home.


Uniqueness in Design:

Our hanger has a beautiful polished black finishing with larges notches for clothes usage. And “American Princess” written with gold color. This hanger is strong, but not heavy. Our hanger is the ultimate hanger in the luxurious home organization!

Reinforced Edges and Smooth Finish:

This hanger is not the typical cheap hanger that you find in most stores and competitors.

The edges and dimensions are reinforced with extra material which ensures they sturdiness to support most kids clothing without being flimsy. No rougher seam along the inside edge or flash. This hanger is made to last!


  • This hanger was produced by black PS plastic, Is a kind of soft and very lightweight material.
  • Fashion Finishing by golden color handwriting. Show gently personality.
  • Safe design, Space-saving for closet
  • Fits the kid’s clothes large to 6 years old. Do not play by the baby. Hook Part might have risk.

Better for Kids:

Made of high-quality PP plastic material, this hanger is lightweight yet sturdy for long-lasting durability. Whether you need to hang up outfits for school uniforms, wedding dresses, costumes, or everyday outwear, this clothing hanger make your life easier and simple to just pick and wear whatever your children need immediately.

Eco-Friendly Material:

The material is probably the first thing you look at when buying hangers. It’s also the first element we pay attention to, but we may be looking at it from a different perspective.

We’re interested in the eco-friendliness of the material. The environmental impact it has when we buy it and when we throw it away are crucial elements which can influence our purchasing decision.

Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Hangers:

We will refer more to the plastic hangers, as they were our choice as eco-friendly hangers. These clothes organizing products have some great benefits.

  • Resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Beautiful design

Care Your Baby:

When it comes to baby clothes hangers, your options remain limited. Whether you’re stuck sifting between plastic or velvet baby hanger options, you are never presented a sustainably stylish product. As your baby grows, so does your need to organize, prepare and ensure everything is just where you left it!

  • It will not hurt your baby’s skin.
  • Very soft and smooth finishing material.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable that is socially conscious for both you and baby.

Package Included:

  • 1 PC metal hook clothes hanger

Advantage of Choosing Our Product?

  • An OEM product is made according to the buyer’s product specification. For example, any product with a customized design, material, dimensions, functions or even colors can be classified as OEM.
  • We use Eco-friendly material.
  • We promise a prompt reply to your inquiry.
  • We can guarantee the production time & fast delivery.
  • High quality and competitive price in your country market.

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    I just couldn’t take my eye from this hanger

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