Low Price Black Metal Hook Hanger 351

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Black plastic pants or the coat hanger is equipped with a polished chrome-plated steel hook and sturdy plastic arms with suspended cushions. The chrome hook lets you turn your head from side to side without removing it from the hook. The arms easily adapt and slide on the bar to accommodate trousers, shorts or hanging skirts of any size.


No more trousers on the floor of the clothes shop! Our hanger will organize it to give a relaxed look!

Sturdy and durable our metal hook hanger has a revolving hook in chrome finish, galvanized wire clamp, sturdy clear metal and strong arms that make them ideal for tops, blouses, shirts, dresses, skirts, etc.

In the production of our hooks, we only use heavy transparent metal for strength and durability.


Wrinkle-Free Clothes

It can be worn at home to support strapless skirts, trousers, blouses or wrinkle-free dresses! Hang clothes and even accessories like scarves in your clothes shop with these metal hooks to prevent wrinkles. Create a smart screen in your clothing store or use it on the day of laundry for a supreme organization!



  • Size: 38cm x 20cm (l x h)
  • Color: Black
  • Material: PP/ PS plastic
  • Metal fittings: Galvanized metal hook
  • Metal hook: Rotates by 360 degree


Saver & Organizer

They will make your shop much more attractive to customers, it’s nice to have uniformity, this has been a great space saver in your closet that has never been more organized.

These black metal hangers with closures is an essential purchase for your home or clothing business! keep skirts and trousers clean and order in your bedroom closet or organize supplies in your clothing store to create a uniform look.


360 Degree Swivel Hook

The hook can easily rotate 360 degrees, allowing you to easily rotate the hook from any angle. It will hang and access clothes without even moving it from the hanger.

Flexible but not fragile: it is flexible but does not break easily. Fixed arms, but it is strong enough to effectively hold shorts and skirts. There will be no more pants or skirts on your floor!



  • A very versatile hanger. Space-saving.
  • Also used in the dry cleaning and ironing sector.
  • Transparent metal hooks for the waist with fixed arms for hanging garments of various sizes.
  • Fully fixed anywhere, ideal for garments of any size and even very large.
  • Swivel hook in polished silver chrome metal.
  • Smooth and crystalline finish. The strong arms have internal protection pads to prevent damage and marks on the fabric.
  • Versatile and suitable for tops, blouses, dresses, skirts, etc.


Unique Design In Black

The hook quite comfortable and can be hung from any direction. With a load of up to seven lbs, arms are strongly fixed, but it is strong enough to effectively hold the shorts and skirts, so they don’t come out of the tweezers.


Take Care Of Your Clothes

They are cheap but work just as well and is more expensive. Our large hooks make your clothes shop much more manageable, it’s nice to have uniformity. You can stack the uniform dress on hooks and shorts or trousers with hooks on each one, this has been a great space-saving in your closet that has never been so organized. They could hang all the trousers or skirts, so don’t worry about rubbing them in the drawers, keeping creases and pants without folds and easy to find.


For Men /Women

In terms of hangers, your options are limited. Whether you’re stuck sifting between plastic or velvet hanger options, you have never presented a sustainably stylish product. For great look for your room, you need to organize, attractive and ensure everything is just where you left it!

  • It will not hurt your skin.
  • Very soft and smooth finishing material.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable that is socially conscious you.
  • Helps you to organize your luggage in travel.


Package included

  • 1x Hanger


Advantage Of Choosing Our Product?

  • An OEM product is manufactured according to the buyer’s product specifications. For example, any product with design, material, size, function or even custom colors can be classified as an OEM.
  • We use ecological material.
  • We promise a prompt response to your request.
  • We are able to guarantee production times and fast delivery.
  • High quality and competitive price in the market of your country.


Eco-friendly Material

High-quality and durable material is used in the manufacturing of hangers. It is also the first element to which we pay attention, but we can see it from a different perspective.

We are interested in the ecology of the material. The environmental impact that we have when we buy it and when we throw it away is crucial elements that can influence our purchase decision.


Benefits Of Using Eco-friendly Hooks

We will refer more to the metal hooks since they were our choice as ecological hooks. These products for organizing clothes have great benefits.

  • Sturdy
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Beautiful design

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