Purchase Clear Plastic Hook Slack Clothes Hanger For Kids 1100

Our plastic clothes hangers are simply the best plastic hangers available! They have custom specifications, with more plastic than the other hangers for greater strength. We also have a smooth finish. We recommend it for a kid’s collection of your shop.


This plastic hanger is an elegant and practical complement to any wardrobe. You can be sure that your favorite clothes will remain organized and wrinkle-free with this little helper.


Durable Plastic & Metal:

The light but strong pieces of pp plastic and stainless steel will be strong and durable enough to hold the trousers for a long time.


Amazing Design:

This hanger is without hook, you can use an extra hook for hanging (not included in the package). Great organizer and perfect fit for your kid. You can hang anywhere; where you want to place it.


A Special Gift Idea:

Are you looking for a beautiful and practical gift? Give someone an attentive gift that offers comfort and elegance to your home or work. It is a great opening gift to mother or father for their kid.


Easy Clothing For Children:

Soft hangers help keep clothes in shape. The textured with two clips at the end of each corner of the hanger. These are designed to grip and prevent wrinkles, leaving the jeans, trousers, and skirts elegant in position and without wrinkles on the wardrobe floor.



  • Size: 15cm x 20cm (l x w)
  • Item Type: Plastic Hook Hanger
  • Metal fittings: Galvanized Metal Spring Pieces
  • Material: PP/PS Plastic
  • Color: Clear



  • Two clips on both ends of the hanger are available for holding clothes.
  • Made of pp plastic, these clips are resistant to breakage and resistant.
  • Clear plastic, which makes them optimal for any style and environment.
  • Versatile and functional design for pants, trouser, jacket, dress, and skirts to suit all types of clothing.


Package Includes:

  • 1x Hanger


Eco-Friendly Material:

High-quality and durable material is the first thing to look for when buying hangers. We are interested in the eco-friendly material. The environmental impact we have when we buy it and when we throw it away are excellent elements that can influence our purchase decision.

The elegant and elegant design offers plenty of space, keeping your clothes fixed in one place so that the maximum garment can be hung at the same time. It’s the first element to which we pay attention and we can see it from a different perspective.


Care Your Baby:

When it comes to baby clothes hangers, your options remain limited. As a baby grows, you need to organize, prepare and ensure everything is just where you left it! Hanger makes life easier and simple to just pick and wear whatever is needed immediately. Made up of high-quality PP/PS plastic material, our hanger is lightweight and sturdy for long-lasting durability.

  • It will not hurt the skin at all.
  • Very soft and smooth finishing material.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable that is socially conscious.
  • Helps to organize baby’s luggage in travel.


Benefits Of Using Eco-Friendly Hangers:

We will refer more to the plastic hooks since they were our choice as eco-friendly hooks. These products for organizing clothes have great benefits.

  • Strong sturdy
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Beautiful design


Advantage Of Choosing Our Product?

  • More than 10 years of experience in producing high-quality wholesale hanger supplier for customers all over the world.
  • OEM and ODM services are available.
  • We manufactured products according to the buyer’s product specifications. For example, any product with design, material, size, function or even custom colors can be classified as an OEM & ODM.
  • We are a factory and manufacture high-quality products at affordable prices.
  • We use strong sturdy and eco-friendly material.
  • We can create the custom logo on the hangers to show your brand and create a good brand image.
  • We promise a prompt response to your request.
  • We guarantee production times and fast delivery.
  • You will receive a high-quality and competitive price in the market of your country.


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