Hangers have become an essential part of our lives as they are very useful in storing the pressed clothes without putting any cracks on them so that they could be easily worn the next time we use them.

Earlier they were only used to hang clothes of elder men and women but now everything is totally modified.

Even hangers for children have been introduced and they are very helpful.

It is so because we know that a baby is unable to control his emotions and makes the clothes dirty in a matter of seconds.

Another reason is the crawling of children that makes the clothes dirty.

Now due to their being dirty clothes are to be washed daily and then hung in the drawer.

For this hanging purpose hangers are very necessary.


Why were hangers for babies made?

As we know that necessity is the mother of invention so, whenever a baby is born in a house the number of clothes increases.

In return it decreases the available free space in the house which creates a mess and makes it difficult for everyone at home.

For the solution of this problem hangers for babies were manufactured as they require less place and can even manage more than one set of clothes at a small place which plays a very important role in the management of the house.

Due to the production of these hangers it became very easy to even get the clothes in case of emergency.


Where do we hang these hangers?

Hangers are usually kept in almirahs where all the clothes are hung.

Here hangers are hung from the hook side and clothes are placed on it.

The shirt part is placed on the hook side where the hook comes out of the neck of the clothes.

Whereas, sometimes clothes pins are usually used for pants so that they should not fall from the hangers.


Process of putting baby clothes on a hanger

 Baby clothes are usually hard to handle due to their small size and creative design.

So, we can use hangers for this purpose.

It is the same process as that of an elder person but in it we also require clothes pins.

So, first of all hold the hanger in one hand and the clothes in the other one.

Now step by step first place the small pant and then the shirt and also place clothes pin with the pants to avoid the falling of the pants from the hanger.