What are clothes hangers?

A hanger is basically used to hang all the pressed clothes that are used by us in our daily routine. It is actually used to have the clothes placed at a particular place without disturbing the shape and press of the clothes.

They are very useful in our daily life routine and can be found ready-made or if you are skilful it can be made at home. The shape of hanger was inspired by the invention of a coat’s shape that was made in 1869.

Types of hangers

There are three types of hangers present in the world at the moment.

On number 1 is the wire hanger made of steel. It is a bent piece of wire in a triangle shape which after getting a triangular loop ends at a hook. It is very useful in hanging light weight clothes.

On the second number is wooden hanger which is very beneficial in hanging coats or two pieces. It is also a triangular shape with round corners at the sides. Wooden hangers are also mostly used by shopkeepers.

The third type is the hanger made up of plastic and is the most used hangers in the World. These may be identical to either wooden or steel wires. These are the most used hangers because these can be adjusted to the shape of children’s clothes.

Number of hangers sold every year

According to a report the number of hangers that are solved every year are more than 8-10 billion dollars whereas very little percentage of it is recycled (only 15%).

These hangers include both made of plastic and steel and may even include hangers of smaller size such as those used for children. It is whole lot of hangers and due to this reason, it has become a successful business around the world.

How much revenue does a Hanger market earn? According to a recent research there are almost 30000 firms that are working daily to produce a total of 8-10 billion dollars of hangers by spending $4000 yearly.

In return they earn a total of $120 million which is the minimum rate estimated. It is a hefty amount and has made many people who invested in this business a millionaire.

Although it is profitable but now due to increase in the skill of the people, they have started making clothes hangers of their own that has upset the industry a bit.