Hangers come in different varieties. They are of different sizes, and the quality also varies from one hanger to the other. It’s really important when it comes to choosing hangers for your closet.

Amongst the attributes that you may be focusing while making your purchase of hangers are durability, affordability, quality, and reliability. Whether you choose the poor dry cleaner wire-hangers or go for the good quality wooden and plastic hangers is totally your choice.


Following are the various types of hangers that you can buy in the market:

Wire Hangers

Wire hangers are very cheap and readily available. They are usually not a good choice as they get tangled easily. They are not strong enough to keep your clothes hanging for long periods of time. Unless you want to use them for unlocking your car in emergency situations, wire hangers are not a viable option.

Flocked Hangers

They have smooth surfaces and are affordable. They are very slim and this feature allows a lot of the hangers to fit inside the closet. That means when it comes to hanging a lot of clothes, flocked hangers can be a good option. Their cons include the absence of a rotating head, and a little annoyance when you try to hang shirts because of their smooth and slippery surfaces.

Wooden Hangers

They are a great choice if you need to hang stylish and expensive outfits like Tuxedos. But expensive outfits also mean expensive hangers. They have swivel heads present on the top which means an ease of orientation while hanging. Unlike wire and flocked hangers, they are not very readily available and usually come in limited stock.

Plastic Tubular Hangers

The most versatile hangers of the lot, Plastic tubular hangers are the way to go for everyday use if you are not really bothered by the aesthetic look of hangers. They have notches for straps and are very strong to be used for hanging for long periods of time. They are easily available and are inexpensive.

Acrylic Hangers

Acrylic hangers are very lightweight and aesthetically attractive. They have a swivel head at the top which makes it easy to adjust them in the luggage clips. They are great when it comes to versatility which is a reason good enough for these hangers to be used a lot by the garment store owners. Their transparent look is also very fascinating. Their great use and reasonable price make you buy a bunch instantly.