Oh, you want to use the lavatory and you notice that it is clogged and above all, you don’t have requisite tools to unclog it or money to hire a professional plumber.

Don’t worry, I will tell you today that how can we ameliorate our toilets with a rudimentary tool at home- a clothing hanger.

Yeah! You heard it right, weird but true, clothe hanger can be used to unblock toilets at home and here is how the miracle happens.

You need to arrange for the following items before beginning this process.


Components needed

You need to have a pair of gloves, hanger, dustbin, lubricant, a bucket and a rag/an old cloth/an old sock.



Before starting with the process of unclogging it will be better if the clog is first lubricated using detergents or oil.

Toilet or bathroom cleaner can be used as a detergent and hair oil as oil.

Lubricating the toilet will make it easier to not only free the toilet but will also consume less energy.

Wearing gloves pour the lubricant in the toilet and wait for few minutes for the clog to supplant.


Using clothe hanger

The next step is to unwind your metal cloth hanger leaving the hook as it is.

The plastic hook hanger can also be used but it is less effective and may break it the plastic if not good enough.

Use a rag/a cloth/ a sock to tie at the edge of the hook.

This prevents the material of toilet from scratches which would develop if a bare hook is used instead.

Next, using the end of the hanger insert in the toilet until you feel the clog has been reached.

If the hanger is short then you need to unite two hangers and attach them because not all the toilets are of same sizes! Once you feel that the hanger is not moving forward try to shake it back and forth until the clog is shifted forward along the drain or gets attached to hangers end.

Dispose of the clog.



Fill a bucket full of water and empty it in the toilet simultaneously when flushing, this will not only create more force of the water but also pressure which will lead to clearing of the toilet pipe by the expulsion of any clog that may have remained or moved forward while using the hanger.