Plastic hangers are everyone’s favorite affordable household accessories, and they come in various sizes and types.

In addition to plastic hangers, the wardrobe organizational industry is saturated with a multitude of hangers that make a suitable alternative to plastic hangers.

Nonetheless, plastic hangers have scoured a top-rating due to its incomparable affordability and accessibility.

Truth be told, most people would prefer to have good-quality plastic hangers in their collection rather than having wooden or wire hangers.

Why the type of clothing hangers does matters?

With the abundance of plastic hangers on the market, one would simply settle down with the cheapest and accessible option to accommodate their organizational needs. However, retail clothing and home organization businesses capitalize on the various types of hangers on the market and they are adamant on suggesting a suitable that fits the best with your individualized needs.

On the contrary, if you were employed in the retail industry then, the improper or incorrect use of plastic hangers could make or break your sales by a mile.

A majority of the high-street consumers scrutinize everything about a clothing article that they are interested to purchase, and they evaluate everything from the quality of the fabric to the type of the hanger used for displaying the article in the store.

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Clothing hangers are a part of our mundane lives, and it helps us with storing our apparel in the best way possible. Therefore, we should pay attention to the type of hangers we use to hang our clothing pieces in our wardrobe.

Not everyone is crazy about paying attention to the type of hangers that they have in their wardrobe because plastic hangers are affordable, replaceable, and fairly disposable to an extent. For instance, a dozen plastic hangers does not cost much and anyone could stack up on plastic hangers without ever have to worry about their budget.

While, there are several types of plastic hangers on the market, one should be able to differentiate good quality plastic hangers from flimsy and cheap quality plastic hangers for securing better outcomes.

If you are an observant then, you might have noticed that dry cleaners often use wire hangers to hang clothes for their customers. While, using wired hangers is detrimental for your clothes, the dry cleaners are careful to wrap clothes in a plastic sheet to preserve its press as well as to prevent the wire hangers from cutting the fabric of the pressed clothing articles.

Choosing a proper type of hanger plays a crucial role in prolonging the lifespan of your fabric; it keeps your clothes held uptight to retain its shape over the years. Wire hangers may be accessible but, it weighs down along with disrupting the composition of your fabrics.

Why plastic hangers are becoming a popular choice among many people?

There are several varieties and types of hangers on the market; however, plastic hangers make the top contender for the most popular and sold types of hangers on the market.

A majority of the US retailers and clothing manufacturers have reported that they primarily use plastic hangers for retail purposes, and they are careful regarding using material and color of plastic hangers for displaying their collection to their audience.

It has been reported 40 billion hangers are imported to the United States on a per annum basis, which explains the popularity of the hangers. Also, most consumers would rather use plastic hangers over wooden hangers due to its accessibility and affordability.

There are several reasons that dictate its users reasons to use plastic hangers in their closets. It helps with upgrading the appearance of your wardrobe significantly as well as it offers the optimal level of support to your shirts and coats. Plastic hangers can be purchased in the form of set for the same price, and it comes in various sizes and styles, so you can find the one that meets your wardrobe organizational needs on a regular basis without breaking your bank.

In addition to its counterparts, plastic hangers are easy to clean—you can simply take a damp cloth to remove dirt from the plastic hangers. On the contrary, metal hangers are susceptible to rusting, whereas, the wooden hangers are prone to growing mold or mildew, which is a waste of money. Plastic hangers are durable, and they can last you for a long time, if you take good care of it.

One of the drawbacks to using plastic hangers is that they are responsible for cluttering a landfill by 57%; therefore, you should opt for eco-friendly plastic hangers to carry out your everyday needs.

Additionally, plastic hangers are susceptible to bending and bucking over the course of time, which means that you would be required to replace the hangers on a regular basis to keep your clothes in a good shape.

Opting for plastic hangers in a bad condition could affect the shape and composition of your clothes; therefore, you should avoid using it.

What makes plastic tubular hangers a better fit for your clothing?

Plastic tubular hangers, alternatively known as the standard plastic hangers, are common for their durability and reliability, and these accounts for the most common types of plastic hangers out there. Tabular plastic hangers come in various colors, sizes, and shapes, and it features a standard neck, hook, and shoulder to support your clothes uniformly on the hangers.White Plastic Metal Hook Clothes Hanger JX-XZ01

You can trust tabular plastic hangers with a blind eye, and it would last you for a long time if you are careful with it. In the latter section of the article, we will look into the categorized versions of plastic hangers on the market that you can buy to adjust your wardrobe organizational needs.

Different uses that you can get from plastic hangers

There are several uses that one can get from using plastic hangers; for instance, you can use standard plastic hangers for hanging any clothing article but, you can use skirt hangers specifically for hanging skirts and so on. The following list-style is a compilation of different uses that you can get from different types of hangers:

Shirt hangers

Shirt hangers are equipped with divots or rubber tips to help hanging silky blouses and georgette tops. If you are fed up of your blouses sliding off from standard plastic hangers then, the shirt hangers would make an excellent alternative to the problem.

Hangers that are specific to shirts are designed to be sturdy and they are equipped with swivel hooks to connect hangers vertically to maximize your wardrobe’s space. Shirt hangers come in a set or a pair, and you can make the best uses accordingly.

Pant hangers

Most people struggle with hanging their pants on standard hangers; therefore, plastic pant hangers make the best way to hang pants perfectly. Anyone would be reluctant to fold their pants or jeans in their wardrobes; therefore, hanging pants is one way to ensure that your pants remain sleek and straight after you take them off from the hangers.

Pant hangers are equipped with trouser bars to keep your trousers and pants from slacking off. Hangers with thicker bars result in less creasing on your clothes, and vice versa. They also come with hooks to hang your pants vertically to avoid any potential creasing.

Sweater hangers

Good quality sweaters aren’t cheap to find; therefore, you should invest in hangers specific to sweaters and cardigans to accommodate your needs. Sweater hangers are designed to keep puckering and dimpling of your expensive sweaters at a minimal. It also helps with preserving the integrity of your woolen sweaters.

Skirt hangers

Skirts make an excellent attire for a day but, hanging or storing them could be no less than a hassle. Skirt hangers are equipped with rubber-coated clips, which provides creasing or dimpling of your chiffon or georgette skirts.

Speaking from a general point of view, skirts hangers come in a pack of two, so you should look for deals on skirts hangers on the internet.

Coat and blazer hangers

If you work for the corporate world then, you should invest in coat and blazer hangers to hang your coats. Simply hang your coats on the hanger after having it pressed and hang it in your hang, so you could wear it in the office.

One of the top characteristics of coats hangers is that it could be hung in car without any hassle. So, if you are running late for a meeting, simply hang the coat in your car and wear it right before you enter the office. Invest in good quality hangers for coats and blazers so it would last you for a long time.

How to maximize the life of your clothing with plastic hangers

Plastic hangers play a crucial role in enhancing the life of your clothing—it allows you to keep your ironed clothes creaseless and wrinkleless, and it adds a sleek appeal to your dress. Using a properly-sized plastic hanger helps with keeping the quality of your shirts and pants intact to ensure that it lasts you for several years to come.

Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing how to handle your evening gown—simply put it on plastic hangers with rubber tips, and it would do its job effectively.Wholesale Black Metal Hook Clothes Hanger SSI479

Organizing your wardrobe with plastic clothes hangers

Plastic colors come in a variety of colors—from transparent to solid colors, so you should be selective of the color of the plastic hangers to organize your wardrobe.

Refrain from choosing multiple colors, as mismatched colors wouldn’t add a stylish appeal to your wardrobe, and it would look downright tacky.

Instead, make sure that the colors of your hangers are consistent, and you can switch them as per the style and type of the plastic hanger. Charcoal-colored plastic hangers add a sophisticated and elegant appeal to your wardrobe, and it would help with making your closet look cohesive and organized.

Distinct types of plastic hangers on the market

Believe it or not, there are people out there who are meticulously obsessed with any particular detail, and they evaluate every factor there is to purchase plastic hangers from their local supplier or online. Most people are only familiar with tubular-shaped plastic hangers but, there is more than tubular plastic hangers on the market, for instance:

Tubular plastic hangers

Tubular plastic hangers are the top rated and commonly known plastic hangers, and many retail stores offer tubular plastic hangers for mundane purposes. These types of plastic hangers are relatively inexpensive and they can be found at any dollar tree store or retail store. They are designed to hold any clothing item with tugging or bending.

As a drawback, tubular plastic hangers lose its shape and composition over the course of time, which could be potentially detrimental towards the quality and shape of your clothing item. Therefore, you should replace the hangers accordingly to gain its benefit continuously.

Combination plastic hangers

Good news for anyone that struggles with handling standard plastic hangers, combination hangers are designed to accommodate your needs accordingly. It saves you from the hassle of hanging coat and shirt separately, as it allows you to hang both on the same hanger simultaneously.

Strap notches

Strap notches make the perfect way to organize strappy clothing, such as tank tops, blouses, undergarments, etc. These plastic hangers feature a strap to fit the item in one place. However, there is one drawback to buying strap notches hangers—it is likely to cause wrinkles on your clothing if it is not handled with care.

Dry/wet plastic hangers

Plastic hangers that allow you to hang dry or wet clothing articles are unheard of but, they exist on the market for the reason. It allows you to hang both dry and wet clothing pieces, and it is particularly recommended for undergarments or delicate fabrics. You can simply hang the washed clothing fabric on the hanger, and allow it to dry.

There are several types of popular plastic hangers, so if you are looking for the one—we hope that this list helps you with finding the one that meets your choice the best!