Clothes hangers come in different sizes, shapes, and types.

Different materials are used to make them; some are made of wire, plastics and others are made of wood and can be padded.

Because of this, it is sometimes difficult to know the best hanger for your clothes and closet.

Different hangers are made for different purposes; Some for hanging pants, skirts, children’s clothes, suits and some for jackets or coats.

An all-purpose hanger is usually the best kind of hanging clothes mostly because it works perfectly well for almost any piece of clothing.

Here are a few hangers that have stood out for us.


The AmazonBasics Wood Suit Clothes Hanger

These hangers are not just sturdy, but they are also attractive.

What’s more, they are also quite affordable.

These multi-purpose hangers can be used for hanging pants, shirts, dresses and much more.

Each hanger has a wooden rod specifically for hanging pants.

Talk about functional.

Also, there are notches to hold strappy tanks and dresses.

Then, they are also broad, designed for holding blazers, shirts, and coats.

The Amazon Basics Wood Suite clothes hangers come in a pack of 30 and 16.

Suitable for anyone, whether you have a large closet or just a few clothes.

Each hanger has a measurement of 17.4 x 0.5 x 9.4 inches.


The AmazonBasics Velvet Suit Clothes Hanger

Generally, AmazonBasics puts out premium grade products and their Velvet Suit clothes hangers are no different.

Made of high-grade materials with elegantly designed finishing, the Velvet Suit hangers from AmazonBasics are sleek.

The outer velvet surface ensures that clothes do not slip when they’re on the hanger and that they remain wrinkle-free.

It comes in several colors and preserves the excellent condition of your clothes.


The Velvet Clothes Hanger

You no longer need to struggle for space in your closet with the sleekly designed Velvet Clothes hanger.

These hangers from CRISNEL come in a pack of 50.

Their smooth and velvety surface helps keep your clothes from wrinkling because of the anti-slip quality.

For instance, with clothes made from satin material, this could be a real problem.

Again, these hangers come with notches on the shoulders and extra bar for accessories and pant bars.

They also have a swivel hook that keeps fabrics in place.

The Velvet Clothes hangers are durable, lightweight and strong enough to hold very heavy clothes.

The premium hangers are heavy-duty and best for holding heavy clothes.


The IPOW Foldable Plastics Clothes Hanger

Finally, we have the IPOW Foldable Plastics Clothes Hangers, which are great if you need additional space in your closet.

So, if you’re not using them, you could easily fold them away and create more space.

In the same way, they are perfect for traveling.

Because they are foldable, you could put them in your luggage and bring them out when you get to your destination.

These hangers are designed in a unique and efficient way.